AntiFa Attacks ‘Day for Freedom’ Attendees

Yesterday was the ‘Day for Freedom’ event, organised by Tommy Robinson and featured speakers such as Gavin McInnes, Milo Yiannopoulos, Gerard Batten MEP, Markus Meechan (Count Dankula), Carl Benjamin (Sargon of Akkad), Shazia Hobbs and Raheem Kassam.

It was a wild success, drawing in over 5,000 people which dwarfed the infantile counter-demonstration hosted by the Anti-Fascist Student Network (AFSN) and Stand Up To Racism (SUTR), who only managed to inspire about 100 followers to attend.

The event occurred without a hitch, the only incident I was made aware of during the day was a bout of infighting where one group of AntiFa confused another group of AntiFa for Nazis (as you do) and decided to set upon them. During the alleged infighting, smoke bombs were supposedly set off. The childish scuffle, however, had no influence on the main event as they were neatly tucked away behind the ass end of the event and were suitably drowned out by the PA system. AntiFa, here are a few words of advice: if you wish to make a counter-protest, do so in a place where you will be seen and, lastly, don’t do a Korg – print more pamphlets else very few will turn up!

However, the real violence occurred afterwards in multiple separate attacks. The first known attack took place in Penderel’s Oak pub in Holborn at seven o’clock and a second in the Silver Cross pub in Whitehall at about eleven forty-five. The former, which I was present at, involved a group of AntiFa who were already in the pub. A few of us who had been at the ‘Day for Freedom’ event chose this pub in the vain hope there wouldn’t be any trouble as it was a medium distance away from Whitehall. Alas, this did not pan out as intended.

Some of the attendees went to the bar and some found a table at the rear of the pub; one attendee at the bar was soon in discussion with a female of their group. He said he was looking forward to a pint after a long day down Whitehall to which she asked “Oh, you were there, were you? The right side or the wrong side?” “The side of freedom of speech” came his reply. “Oh, you’re one of those bigots, are you?” she retorted. Evidently, two plus two equals five.

As some of the attendees were passing through, one of the belligerents commented “Fash at the bar”. “How would you know?” asked an attendee. “We know your faces”. A large group of them followed after the attendees and loomed near the table. Their group was predominantly student-aged, some were slightly older, and they were dressed in the usual, identifying garb. Then, in typical Leftist fashion, they soon started hurling the same old tired indignations and slurs, which was greatly unfortunate.

As they were becoming aggressive, we started to film them, which irritated them further. Naturally, Commies do not like it when their antics are made public. They began lashing out, grabbing the phones and chucking them at walls, launching direct physical attacks and were then grabbing glasses to throw at the attendees. One of the phones was chucked without aim, hitting an innocent bystander in the back, causing her to shriek in pain and fear.

When most of the glasses had been chucked at us, it looked as though they were grabbing shards of broken glass to throw. One of the group tried justifying the attack to pub staff by saying we were part of the Football Lads Alliance which, in the minds of AntiFa thugs, makes us racist Nazis. Again, two plus two equals five.

Tables and chairs were thrown about the place and about a dozen or more people were involved in the brawl, which lasted around five minutes. As the fight was raging, one of theirs was walking from table to table smugly telling frightened patrons “This is what fascism looks like”. You’re sure right kiddo, attacking people for believing in free speech is fascism, except you can’t identify the perpetrators correctly.

Police were rapidly on the scene, arresting one of the thugs outside and catching another further down the road shortly after. In the space of around forty-five minutes, I heard three were caught. Another will soon be apprehended after she kindly left her bank card on the table for us to find. So, to the young Miss who decided to leave behind her name, it has been passed on to the Police. We know who you are, the Police know who you are and we look forward to seeing your unmasked face in court.

One of our friends was badly hurt, taking a hit to the head (a glass or a kick, perhaps) and required hospital treatment. A Police Officer remained with him for the duration of the night for fear of a second attack on him. Another attendee, caught in the onslaught, suffered a laceration to his hand, bleeding everywhere, most likely caused by the broken glass that was flying about the place.

The attack was vicious and petty but it was not isolated. A few hours later, some AntiFa thugs attacked the Silver Cross pub in Whitehall, cracking an innocent patron over the head with a D-style bike lock, Eric Clanton style. A member of staff was also injured in the fracas. The thug was soon arrested and the victim sent off to hospital.

There have been further reports of other attacks, a member of Génération Identitaire was allegedly attacked with a bottle. Over five people were sent to the hospital because of these attacks.

This is becoming the typical modus operandi for the thin-skinned, Left-wing terrorists. As we saw at King’s College London, these so-called “anti-fascists” are willing to paint anyone they dislike as a racist/Nazi and launch gratuitous violence against them.

The UK needs to follow the example set by the Department for Homeland Security and recognise AntiFa and other left-wing anarchist groups as domestic terrorists. Sign the petition, speak to your MP. Do what it takes to have these terrorists held to account for their crimes.


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