Is Amazon Developing a Games Console?

It appears Amazon may be the next company to enter the console wars, with rumours spreading around the web that the company in currently in the process of developing a new games platform.

According to a report by Game Informer, citing sources “who have knowledge of the in-development hardware”, the console is set to be developed in time for Black Friday, on 28 November, which could see it released alongside the PS4 and Xbox One which have been scheduled for a ‘Holiday 2013’ release.

The console will run on Android and will come will come supplied with its own dedicated controller. It has also been reported the console will be able to run titles already made available on the Amazon App Store, meaning the console will have a wide range games and applications available at its launch.

This isn’t the first (or the last) gaming device to be Android-based. The crowd-funded Ouya console saw its release recently, which grabbed headlines with its low price and cheap game library. Developers have reported disappointing sales on the Ouya console however, but this does not mean Android games consoles are a sure-fail. Amazon has wads of cash and a huge worldwide influence, unlike Ouya, so no doubt any console they release will make waves in the affordable gaming market.

This is a great opportunity for Amazon to gain a foothold in the living room. The company already offers a wealth of mobile and streaming services for its Kindle line; the company sells and rents movies, TV shows, games, and e-books already through its digital stores. The money made off these services will allow Amazon to market its console aggressively as a loss leader, significantly undercutting the competition whilst strengthening its position as an all-round entertainment provider.

Any console Amazon release would have huge potential in today’s current market; a low priced games console with the support of a behemoth like Amazon behind may be able to coax gamers away from Sony or Microsoft’s offerings. Can an Android based games console match the experiences provided by the likes of the PS4 or Xbox One however?

We will keep you updated of any developments.


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