Backbenchers: The new frontiers in English Politics


How a man with almost no backup has managed to come over as one of the most powerful leaders of opposition in Westminster is a million dollar question, says James Kerry! Yes, it’s Jeremy Corbyn we are talking about. It is quite extraordinary as to how a man almost disliked by most of his party members, has suddenly gained ground with the masses to become a national level leader.

Jeremy Corbyn is the newly elected leader of Labour Party in United Kingdom. Though post his win, quite a number of his own team mates have decided to quit their posts, yet Corbymania seems to maintain this upsurge for quite some time now.


Initial phase as leader of opposition party:

It’s been just over 2 weeks that Corbyn has been in power and mobilisation of grass root level of people remains quite the same. Gaining popularity from some of the understated political parties of England such as UK Uncut and CND, his actions have surprised and also angered the masses. Apart from the fact that he decided to celebrate his victory at a local pub, it is also shockingly noteworthy that when he arrived for a memorial service at Westminster Abbey, he did not bother to sing the national anthem.


Appointment of shadow cabinet:

Corbyn’s appointment itself was a matter surrounded by complication and controversy. Though he has come over as overall majority for opposition party, it is primarily due to support of the public. His appointment of shadow cabinet is again embroiled in controversy. MP from Hayes, John McDonnell is a man who was criticised the previous year for praising the bravery of the IRA.

His economic policy is also completely impractical and can be clearly seen in his manifesto. What exactly is such a man going to do in the post of Shadow Chancellor of the largest opposition party, only time will tell. Adding on to this controversy is appointment of his ex to department of Overseas Development and a Vegan has been appointed to manage farming and fishing areas. Clearly, this seems more like some fantasy fairytale being played out at the opera on a lazy evening.


Dissent within party domain:

With his ascension to domain of leader, there has been a huge disruption within the party. Many members have quit while there are constant disruptions in other factions of Labour. What is primarily to be noted that a party-wide disliked man has become head-honcho of that very party.

It is to be noted that though he represents the left wing, but Mr. Corbyn has a progressive thought process. But tories have solidified firmly in support of David Cameron.  While at the same time Liberal Democrats have been on their own domain.

Thus, only time will decide on UK’s future with its new Conservative party at head and Labour party standing against it.


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