Become a part of Hollywood history with the ‘Hollywood Costume’ exhibition

Growing up in rural Australia, nothing seemed further from the bright lights of Hollywood Boulevard, and although 15 years on I’m no closer to Tinsel Town, the V&A’s ‘Hollywood Costume’ exhibition is almost as good.

For the next three months, visitors to the exhibition will be transported to a place where Indiana Jones is their neighbour and Holly Golightly is the girl next door as they catch a rare glimpse of the unforgettable costumes worn by film favourites from the past and present.

Like a movie itself, ‘Hollywood Costume’ takes you on a journey of costume design, exploring the deep and intimate relationship a designer has with both actors and directors, to create exciting and believable characters. From Charlie Chaplin to the cast of Oceans 11 you’re guided through a series of amazing costumes that are both unbelievable and incredible as you realise some are over 70-years-old and have been worn by the biggest names in Hollywood.

The heart of the exhibition uses hologram-like technology to seat eerie visions of costume designers at large tables to explain the inspirations behind their designs. As you continue to move through the sea of costumes and study the details, which helped create characters like Darth Vader and Cleopatra, you realise how much of your favourite film icons are made up from their costumes and the people behind them.

As with every great movie, the best is saved for last and it’s those costumes, which are so entrench in our mind they are instantly recognisable, that close the exhibition. With Batman and Spiderman scaling the walls, James Bond oozing sophistication and Harry Potter waving his wand, you can’t help but feel a part of Hollywood history at this exhibition. Seeing Marilyn Monroe’s iconic white dress, Audrey Hepburn’s Givenchy number and Judy Garland’s 73-year-old ruby red slippers was the cherry on top of the cake for me and I would recommend this to anyone whether they’re a fashion or film lover.

‘Hollywood Costume’ runs until the 27th January at the V&A museum. Click here for more details.

Elizabeth Anderson @lizzyanderson


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