The black sheep of Switzerland.

The Swiss have always been keen on direct democracy, local taxation and possess a very federal mentality. A quick look at their history will see regular referendums since 1848, four official languages, 13 political parties, neutrality, the world’s smallest navy and the planets best standard of living. Not dumb, these Swiss – completely landlocked by the empire of the mighty European Union, they still manage to achieve the highest per capita wealth of any nation on Earth, along with best in class healthcare, education, low taxation and industry.

All in all then, a rare success as a nation – not plagued by celebrity seeking Politicians, or the perpetual swings from left to right that afflict our pseudo democracy. A people of four distinct ethnic backgrounds (French, German, Italian and Romansch) happily working together to bring about prosperity for all. Not quite a Libertarian paradise but a Swiss Passport is still a thing of great value and eagerly sought the world over. During the Balkan wars, the Swiss stepped in valiantly and took 10% of all refugees, and foreigners are now one in eight of all Swiss. I don’t think anyone could accuse the peace loving Swiss of racism.


Until this morning, that is. I awake to read the reports that the people of Switzerland have decided (via direct democracy) that a recent agreement with the EU to allow nationals of any EU state to claim residency for three months whilst looking for employment has not benefited them as expected and they’d like to withdraw the offer. Brussels is apoplectic. How dare these people decide what is good for them or their country? Don’t they realise how undemocratic this is?

Well, let’s settle a couple of points first: Our glorious government decided to open the borders to Eastern Europeans expecting a few thousand to turn up. A million Poles arrived, not because they see the UK as their natural second home, but because no other EU country bothered to open their borders. Germany, the natural destination of most Poles blocked their entry from the start. Now Germany is obliged to take any EU citizen, the second wave of Bulgarians and Romanians aren’t getting much past Bavaria before snapping up jobs the Germans don’t want, whilst France deports as many Romanians as it can find. Belgium just last week wrote to over 5,000 registered foreigners telling them to go home as they were a financial drain on the taxpayer.

Now, I’m a no borders Libertarian – the last thing I want to see is walls going up again around Europe, but I respect the wishes of the Swiss electorate to decide their own fate. They are not banning foreigners; they are merely insisting that they have suitable employment arranged before turning up in Zurich and melting into the very affluent and tolerant pot they have created for themselves. The exalted B Permit is still very much available to anyone who has a skill the Swiss require, their low taxation rates are still available to the hundreds of thousands of foreign companies registered in their competing cantons and their products are still available and sought after the world over. The Swiss have simply decided to retain some of their current personality. No new minarets (another direct democracy referendum) and a blunt refusal to import poverty from neighbouring EU states. Hence the hostility from the parasitical and unelected European Commission, who demand that equality of wealth be redistributed from those who have earned it to those who have not. An island of self made affluence smack in the middle of a declining EU empire will simply not do. Serbs, Moldovans and Macedonians are due to join the big EU party soon and places must be found for their melon farmers to earn what a Dane earns – take that away and the EU has little purpose.

Immigration of the talented and educated has made us all rich. Immigration of the feckless makes any countries’ citizens poorer. The talented come to realise ambition, the feckless come to feed from the successful via bloated welfare systems designed for entirely different native clients – to use the analogy once again, if you leave the lid off the jam, the wasps will come. If the Swiss wish to protect their low crime rates, their tolerant and diverse society and their fat wallets, who the hell are we to tell them they cannot? More power to the elbow of direct democracy and a people in charge of their own destiny, unfettered by unelected quangocrats riding the gravy train of political correctness and imposed Diktats from Central Office. Let Switzerland shine out as a beacon of how things could be done, if we just bothered to let people instead of political agendas decide.  If the Swiss are happy and Brussels isn’t, I know whose side I’m on.


  1. “The Swiss have always been keen on direct democracy”

    Considering that the majority of referendums and elections struggle to achieve 50% turnout I’m not sure you can assert they are ‘keen’ on direct democracy.

  2. Nope, Switzerland doesn’t have amazing education, the school starts at 7, and the child’s fate is decided at 14, it produces a nation of very specialised people who can’t really adapt to other job roles easily, not to mention the fact they use different mathematical symbols to the rest of the world.

    You mention “their tolerant and diverse society” never a more false word has been written. “Racist and egotistical” would be more accurate.

    Also, I am aware of 4 large companies pulling out of the Basel area, with the loss of several thousand jobs, with these jobs being transferred to Dublin, so it’s not all bright and shiny.

    • Having actually been educated in Switzerland at a school with multiple nationalities I can inform you that the Swiss are very well educated. Usually 1-2 years ahead of other Euro nations and about 2-3 years ahead of American. Your statement as to the use of different math symbols is simply wrong.

      Yes, the Swiss are not the most welcoming of people, but it rarely has to do with racism. They are unfriendly to any ethnicity if they come even from a different part of Switzerland. Their inherent distrust of foreign people has kept them out of two world wars and stopped their country being flooded with unskilled labour.

      I know of no company leaving Basel, perhaps you could expand and preferably comment on the dozens of businesses that are moving *to* Switzerland. Better yet, don’t expand, keep your uninformed stereotyping images of Switzerland to yourself.

      • I live in Basel, and have done for many years, and have witnessed racism countless times, one example was a African man who was accused of theft, as soon as he got his wallet out to show his ID, people noticed he had a Roshe ID card, and then he got left alone, this type of thing happens regularly. My girlfriends children are in Swiss schools (not international) and the mathematical symbols are a series of dots, rather than the usual + – x etc.

        Mathematics is a language of it’s own, and the fact the Swiss see fit to teach it incorrectly is a sign of a less than stellar education system. They put children in their place at 14, after only 7 years of schooling, it keeps unemployment down, but the country can hardly be noted as a land of innovation and creativity.

        Novartis, the largest Pharma in Switzerland, is firing all of their IT staff, and moving them to Dublin, the IT companies that were contracted to support them, are also moving out to Dublin and India.

        The job my partner is in was vacant for 2 years simply because there was no Swiss person able to perform it, Every Swiss IT engineers and architect I know are very conservative to the point of dismissing anything remotely new, and as far as I’m concerned, have no place in an innovative industry such as IT.

        • I’m sure Swiss people (with their exceptional standards of living) must wake up in the morning lamenting the fact that they are more culturally homogenous than diverse areas like Bradford, Peckham, Marseilles and Malmo. Every area of Europe should be allowed to decide on the numbers, and more importantly the cultural composition of the immigrants they receive. In an ideal world the areas of Europe which most desired immigration from dysfunctional countries could happily accommodate them, allowing the rest of Europe to retain some cultural cohesiveness and European identity.

          • This is fine, but they must also acknowledge that the multi national corporations that prop their economy up will be leaving for greener pastures simply because the country is not politically stable enough any more for their international business interests.

  3. Just found your site via Guido – and I am staying!!
    The Swiss prove you do not need Europe and the sooner people, not politicians as they already know this, understand that the EU is a total con you will see more people on the streets demanding change.


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