Blogging platforms: A run down of the best

Amy Rebair, 

So you want to be a blogger? Finding the best platform for you is one of the most important steps in building a blog as they are all so different, and some are easier to use than others. Here are my list of the top 3 with a little advice and tips about each!

If I’m being honest, I think this is the least ‘professional’ blogging platform out of all of them. Saying this, it’s the easiest out of the three to use. And it’s one of the easiest to gain an audience. Once creating your own blog, you can either post your own photographs/words or reblog from other tumblr blogs that you may have followed. There is a large variety of layouts to choose from, making it great for HTML newbies. Although not so much of a ‘blogging’ site as much so as the other two websites, it’s a great website for inspiration. If you’re wanting to find pictures/information about certain things/people, the ‘tags’ search is a great tool for looking at what you want. With it’s follower system, allowing you to see everything they post/reblog on your ‘dashboard’, it’s an excellent site for keeping up-to-date with people. Definitely more a social networking site than a blogging platform.

This blogging platform has personally always been a favourite of mine. Once you get to grips with the basic tools and tasks, it’s a site that is easy to use and yet still looks professional. Although a little HTML knowledge may be needed to get your layout how you want, Google is your best friend and has pretty much all of the answers. You’re able to follow other blogs on the same platform, and on the homepage it’ll show you their new posts to read. Another useful aspect of this blogging site, is that it gives you insight into your analytics – how many views each post has had, where your site traffic has come from, what Google searches have found your blog and so on. All very useful tools when wanting to build a readership. Unlike Tumblr, Blogger has a comments system, which allows you to post on people’s posts. This is a great way of getting involved in the community and speaking to other bloggers like yourself.

Arguably, the most professional platform of all three. Out of personal experience, I’ve found this site the hardest to understand and work out. The selection of free layouts is also very limited; chances are you’d have to pay for a layout – this is definitely for the more ‘serious’ blogger. However, it’s a great site if you want multiple writers as it allows that. If you have prior knowledge in HTML it’s a great site, with many possibilities. And again, it has a commenting system, like blogger. However, a major downfall is its lack of following system, something which both of the other sites have.



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