Bristol Booze NUS Candidate hammers opposition

It is with great delight that The Backbencher can announce the victory of Jennifer Salisbury-Jones in her election to NUS delegate in Bristol. When we broke the story about Miss Salisbury-Jones alcohol pledge we were unsure whether her bold, anti NUS policy along with her strident libertarian views would resonate with the electorate. It is excellent to see that Generation Y is on the march in universities, with distrust of NUS waste and bureaucracy propelling Miss Salisbury-Jones to victory.

jsj nus

Miss Salisbury-Jones spoke exclusively to Milton:

“I am excited to know so many Bristol students agree the NUS affiliation is not good for Bristol and it gives me real hope that we might be able to disaffiliate in the near future.

“That or students prefer alcohol to NUS factionalism.”

UPDATE: While official results were supposed to be released yesterday little birds at the Students Union tell me that they are being ‘sat on so as not to embarrass Sabbs and part time officers.’



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