When luxury watch brand Omega announced that it was opening a new pop-up boutique in New York dedicated solely to women’s watches, we couldn’t think of a better star to help cut the ribbon on opening night than actress Naomie Harris. The star of the fantastic Skyfall, as well as the award-winning Moonlight, Harris was front and centre of the monumental unveiling of the pop-up store situated on NYC’s famous Fifth Avenue. Called ‘Her Time’, the store will remain until the end of March, however, the nod of respect to women’s timepieces is something that will linger.

Since the pop-up store opened, the new ‘De Ville Trésor’ model has reportedly been a huge hit, as the design and price are said to be much more aligned with the tastes of a younger female demographic. “Women’s watches have always allowed Omega to be so creative and luxurious with design, but many people don’t realize that this commitment to women goes back over 100 years,” says Raynald Aeschlimann, president and CEO of Omega. “So we really wanted to strengthen that message and give our women’s watches the visible platform they deserve.”

Although Her Time does pay homage to women’s watches over the course of a century with a small exhibition, there are some who could argue that it took far too long for such a store to exist. However, the fact it exists at all is still surely a good sign for things to come, as it appears that companies are taking women’s watches seriously. True, watches with names like the ‘DeVille Ladymatic’ do unfortunately exist, but designs normally catered towards men, such as the ‘Speedmaster 33mm’, have been given a more feminine revamp and look amazing. Furthermore, online marketplace Chrono24 heavily features women’s watches by Omega in this section of the site – an indication that females are interested in luxury watches now more than ever.

One would hope that after the opening of the Omega pop-up boutique, interest by women in buying luxury watches will only continue to climb. Harris herself has been a brand ambassador for Omega since the release of Skyfall in 2012 (Omega is also the official watch of the 007 films), but female ambassadors are certainly no stranger to the longstanding Swiss company, as model Cindy Crawford (since 1995) and actresses Nicole Kidman (2005) and Zhang Ziyi (2009) have all been an important part in promoting the company as much as anyone else. Of course, female brand ambassadors for luxury brands don’t end there, as Kate Winslet (Longines), Lady Gaga (Tudor) and Cate Blanchett (IWC) are all fantastic choices to inspire women to continue this market shift regarding luxury watches.


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