Cable’s Lib Dims cost voters with stampless campaign leaflets

News has circulated from Twickenham that Vince Cable’s campaign team have been posting stampless campaign material, meaning that voters have had to fork out funds to square it off with the postman.

vince cable letter

Milton hears that there have been several occasions where local residents have been forced to pay for the mistake.

This postal embarrassment for the Business Secretary follows previous controversy over the sale of Royal Mail shares; perhaps this was his way of getting back at his critics.


  1. This happened at our last local election – same Lib Dim party too. The prospective candidate was a recently retired very high ranking police officer. I emailed him about my having to pay the non postage plus handling fee and he replied he would be around the next day as apparently it had happened to a “few” letters he had sent.

    When he called at my house he “explained” that he simply could not understand what had happened as he had personally stuck the stamps on the envelopes and then posted the letters himself. He went as far as suggesting he may ask the post office to hold an enquiry in case there was electoral skulduggery afoot! Typical (prospective) politician – never in the wrong, someone else’s fault, it wasn’t him!

    I was prepared for his call in having the change from £2 ready to hand to him as I simply knew it would be, “Here’s £2, doesn’t matter about the change for your trouble.” I was a step ahead of him and handed him his change with a, “No thank you, I only want the money I am out of pocket.”

    He did not get elected but is still trying this time round, though he is now standing as an Independent.


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