Calm down, dear! It’s only a commercial!: The memory of Michael Winner

Charlie Granby, 

“Calm down, Dear! It’s only a commercial!” This iconic phrase is perhaps the sole reason why people of our generation remember Michael Winner. However, his career delves much deeper than car insurance adverts into the realms of entertainment. Winner was in fact a film director and producer, who was best known for his works such as ‘Man with a Gun’, ‘Some Like It Cool’ and ‘Out of the Shadow’.

During his time as an up and coming film director, Winner was directing in Britain and was asked to direct his debut American film, Lawman (1971), after his WW2 film, Hannibal Brooks became popular in the states. His film career spanned more than five decades, after which he branded himself a food critic, and in recent years contracted a near-fatal bout of food poisoning called Vibrio Vulnificus, from eating a dodgy oyster.

While Michael Winner’s death came as a devastating shock and was awful news, one could suggest it is perhaps for the best as his health had been in decline for quite some time, and it was reported that he had researched ways to end his life.

Michael Winner’s life is certainly one to celebrate. For he embraced it, and brought new footage and ideas into the film industry, he probably made some chefs feel bad about their food (let’s face it, you go into some restaurants and the food is diabolical) during his time as a critic. And finally, he was, as his wife was reported to have said a “warm-hearted” and “loyal” man.

A person who will be sorely missed, and never forgotten.


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