Confused Cameron rules out electoral pact with Ukip


“We are the Conservative Party, we don’t do pacts and deals,” were the words on Sky News from a confused Prime Minister, who is currently in an electoral pact with the Liberal Democrats.

Cameron may not like his relationship with the Lib Dems, but he shouldn’t forget that they exist.


The Prime Minister’s comments contradict the opinions of his own backbenchers, with heavy-weight names such as Douglas Carswell, Peter Bone, and Jacob Rees-Mogg all calling for a deal to be done with Ukip.

The Conservative Party have lost control of at least 8 councils so far; so it’s no surprise that there have been quick calls to make an alliance with Ukip.

But not everyone is convinced: ‘Fab’ Michael Fabricant MP, the eccentric Tory Tweeter has declared that an electoral pact with the EU sceptics would not be in Tory interests.

Ukip can be happy that the Tories are focusing on them almost as much as they are on their own policies – even before the EU results have been announced.


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