Cameron tucks up in bed with the EU

By Richard Harrington @Harrington1451


Reports coming out from the European Union suggests unelected bureaucrats are looking at ways to make Britain pay more out to ‘benefit tourists’. Under the proposed rules being pushed through despite (supposed) opposition from Britain, France and Germany, just to name a few, unemployed EU citizens would be able to travel between countries claiming benefits, without any proof that they will get employment. This could end up costing Britain a further £2.5billion a year, and put the country into even further debt.

Now, you may be of the opinion that this would trigger a referendum. After all, you were told that any transfer of power, including financial decisions, would be put to the people. But, I am sorry to have to burst this bubble. You see, because there is not Treaty being passed, the current incompetent government will verbally say they are against it, but allow it to slide through into British Welfare rules. And, despite the fact that the rest of the EU will defy it, we will follow it to the letter for fear of a financial penalty.

This, to me, is yet further proof of the way the EU is trying to meddle in everyday life in not just our country, but every member country of this Fascist institution. It is clear that they will not cease in their endless pursuit to bring every country to its knees in this current economic climate, bleeding them all dry until, eventually, they all end up the way of Greece and Italy, seeing their economy falter and discussions tabled about taking control of all decisions. This is the ultimate goal of the EU – the destruction of national governments and instead a federation of Europe, with decisions made in Brussels for all. If you don’t believe this, then just listen to the State of the Union Speech made by Jose Manuel Barroso on 12th September 2012.

So, what will Britain do? Will they stand up and say no as they did before. Unlikely. The coalition is already wobbly, the Lib Dems are threatening to stage rebellions against all government proposals, and a further block on the EU could see the Government crumble, and the Lib Dems declaring their outright allegiance to the Labour Party. The other reason that this is unlikely is because of David Cameron. On 7th October 2012, Cameron told Andrew Marr that he didn’t believe “most people in our country … actually want to leave the European Union or just accept how it is at the moment. They want to change it.” Personally, not only does this show how out of touch he is with the British population and his own party, but I believe it shows just how determined he is to keep Britain in the EU and not do anything to protect Britain either now or in the future. Instead, he wants to change the EU. But, ask yourself this. How do you change a runaway train when it is heading on one track at full speed? Yes, it may hurt to jump off in the short term, but, in the long term, you will heal and repair, surviving the inevitable derailment and crash that will occur.



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