Cameron’s EU Budget Conundrum

The Spectator today has reported how the Tories are panicking over an EU budget rebellion.

With over 35 names supporting a motion for a real terms cut  Tory whips are in a ‘flap’ as Cameron’s position is simply a real terms freeze. They even worry about Labour (ever the oppertunists) supporting the motion, and as such Cameron being isolated by both the left and the right.

On this issue, like the EU itself, number 10 is out of touch with the people. Cameron talks tough about spending cuts at home (despite actually increasing spending every year and adding more debt in 5 years than Labour did in 13) but in Europe he only asks for a freeze. (Indeed one Tory MEP Malcom Harbour voted to raise the budget) The whole nonsense of the EU is laid bare when it demands huge spending cuts in countries like Greece yet demands an increase in its own budget of 6.8%

According to the Spectator this issue could see a bigger rebellion than the EU referendum vote where 81 MPs rebelled and voted to let the people decide. Tory whips have deployed grassroots favourite Jacob Rees-Mogg with an alternative amendment that basically reinforces the PMs position, but even this might not be enough to prevent another embarrassing issue on an area where Cameron I not just out of touch with the people and his grassroots, he is out of touch with his MPs as well.


  1. The revolution happened and the Govt lost. Is this the start of the Trus Blue revolution.Conservative MPs. need to support this and go further. Get us out of the EU before it is too late. If we do not get out before the next election that is the end oif the UK and all Conservative MPs can kiss their jobs goodbye forever.


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