CEO’s Thoughts About the Future of Casino Cosmopol  

    Per Jaldung, The CEO of Casino Cosmopol from Stockholm, Sweden, has made an impact in the casino industry ever since he started to work at the casino, back in 2002. In an interview for Casino Life magazine between him, Peter White and Damien Connelly, Per Jaldung share his thoughts about the future for the very few land-based casinos available in Sweden.


    The Beginning of the Casino Cosmopol

    Per Jaldung used to work in law enforcement, after 13 years. In 2002, he decided to take up the post of head of security for Casino Cosmopol in Stockholm. He began working before the casino was opened. He was involved in the planning, recruitment, training, and everything else that had to do with the establishing a casino, even the construction.

    After 3 years in Stockholm, the position of casino manager in Gothenburg was offered to him, where he stayed there for 3 years. In 2008, Per Jaldung was appointed CEO of Casino Cosmopol AB. He mentioned that he enjoyed the challenges, and the opportunities faced by Casino Cosmopol. Both he and his colleagues were highly engaged in developing the business.

    Starting with 2015, Per Jaldung was given the opportunity to be the Chairman of the European Casino Association (ECA), which is based in Brussels. The ECA has 28 member-countries in Europe and covers around 1000 casinos and over 70000 employed people.


    Casino Attention Towards Sweden

    Sweden is going to change the gaming laws starting from 1st of January 2019, which means that Sweden will follow the footsteps of other European countries, like Italy and Spain by legalizing the online casino market. This is a huge change for the Swedish market. Per Jaldung hopes that there will be more order in the market and better control of the gaming companies that are operating in Sweden.

    The legalization of more casino offerings will come with benefits, like improved player protection, tourism flourishing, and people can engage in gambling and recreational activities right in their hometown. The online casinos will flourish greatly because of the new Swedish laws. Online casinos have a right to offer their services towards Europeans. Sweden has reviewed the situation and is going to open the casino market on the Internet. This will lead to gaming licenses to respect strict conditions in player protection.

    At the beginning of this news, up to 22 online casinos have applied to offer their games legally. And over the past six months, the number of requests tripled. The Swedish market is important because the Swedes like to gamble in casinos, play poker and other gambling activities. In addition, Scandinavians, especially Swedes are attracted to online games as well, and they like playing on their mobiles phones.


    Biggest Change for Casino Cosmopol

    Per Jaldung thinks that it might be a big change for the Casino Cosmopol. The number of online casinos has increased over the years, and the number of visitors has declined. Despite that, he hopes that with the regulations will transform the Swedish gaming market. They also experienced other major changes, like stricter marketing restrictions in 2013 and could pass through them.

    The Casino Cosmopol will remain the only land-based casino operator in Sweden. However, with the new Swedish gaming laws, other poker clubs from all over the country can offer poker tournaments. Therefore, they can have competition in this area. With this statement, Per Jaldung isn’t bothered by the competition, he is, in fact, very glad. He sees this as a positive thought for improvement of the casino..

    He also decided to maintain the status that only four land-based casinos will be allowed to operate. After the introduction of the new gaming legislation, there was a possibility to open two more land-based casinos, but the team had decided to give up on the thought. The Casino Cosmopol will not support sports gambling and online gambling, it is a limitation that they are aware of it, compared to other foreign land-based casinos.


    The Future of Casino Cosmopol

    With the incoming new legislation, the Casino Cosmopol will still stay on classic casino games. The casino will work in obtaining new licenses for new games. The only change that will happen is in terms of restaurant offers and other forms of entertainment. They hope that they will surprise the guests in this area. A visit to the casino should be exciting and interesting, even for those who aren’t into gambling, says Per Jaldung. All he wants is to be able to offer an extraordinary casino experience. Casino Cosmopol should be a leisure venue of choice for all those who are interested in gambling, even if they are just hospitality guests, tourists, frequent visitors or experienced casino players.

    Sweden has one of the most advanced and highly regarded gaming markets in the world, while Finland has an interesting concept of “Vegas Feel”, like small well regulated mini casinos for an easy legal gaming access, which is operated by the state in a sustainable and responsible manner.

    Starting from 1st January 2019, Casino Cosmopol can still fully compete effectively in the new Swedish gaming market. For the very reason that there are four locations in Sweden, also because people can play at a casino online from pretty much anywhere. Because of this, there is a stiff competition, however, that has been the case for a very long time now. In addition, the CEO hopes that their portfolio will be better seen, and he hopes that their Creating Memories will work with their guests.

    Creating Memories is a concept of Casino Cosmopol, influenced by Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, Disney, and various hotels. It is something that the internet casino cannot come close to. It is a field where the casino must strive even better, in order to create memorable experiences for their guests.

    For now, Casino Cosmopol is constantly looking for fresh new entertaining games. They recently have introduced Craps and Baccarat Squeeze. They also have installed in their casinos brand-new slot machines. They hope that through innovation, game developers and suppliers will be able to help by renewing the gaming floors in the future. The mid will not change, but there are always new and exciting games that are put on trial in their casinos. In addition, it is important that the casino has the courage to try new products.


    Inspiring Actions for the Casino Cosmopol

    The casino is always inspired by the actions of others from all over Europe. The casinos in Europe are in a constant state of flux. A couple of inspirational sources are The French casino group JOA, which has a fresh and modern design that among other things is attractive to new guests.

    The casino clubs from London give a wonderful experience for their guests. The Casino Monte Carlo SBM has shown that it is possible to innovate and to remain a relevant and exciting casino.

    The developments in southern Europe with the Las Vegas style, Integrated Casino Resorts, is a new phenomenon in Europe with Melco’s City of Dreams Mediterranean on Cyprus and Hard Rock projects in Tarragona, Spain.

    Casino Cosmopol is always open to learning from colleagues and casino companies from all around the world. Their trademark is to represent sustainability, responsibility, and trust with great fun and excitement, even in the new Swedish market.


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