Chuka flirts with Labour Leadership, but is he the man for the job?

A recent private poll – released by the Tories – regarding the popularity of Ed Miliband must be really striking a chord right now in Manchester, as 73% of Labour voters believe Ed is not the man for the top job. The private poll also found that 65% of those that took part believe David Miliband would have made a better leader than Ed.

Not to fear Ed, many of my colleagues still agree that you are safe until the next election, however unfortunate that may be for Labour…

Up-and-coming candidate Chuka Umunna  expressed today that he might consider the top job (should Ed Miliband mess it up). Umunna was elected in May 2010 and in two and a half years is already the Shadow Business Secretary – quite the career so far. But is that a disadvantage?

Certainly not, but it isn’t likely to do him any favours either. What is good for Chuka is that he can’t really be blamed for the catastrophic performance of the last Labour government as he was nowhere near the scene of the crime. However – and somewhat obviously – he really doesn’t have much experience in politics to be able to justify the top position.

Chuka is dubbed as the British Obama (not by this blog) due to his mannerism, similar life history in terms of parents, and the fact they both admitted to smoking the reefer. It seems that many people must therefore consider him an investment in Labour politics. However similar some may say he is, politically I think he has been looking more of a Romney type guy, as he just can’t seem to make up his mind.

For example, at 7pm on March the 21st he said this.

And at 8.15pm (on the same day) he tweeted this, the complete opposite

.@matthancockmp ..if we were delivering a budget tmr we’d reverse it. Explain why r u taking an av. of £83 p.a from 4.4 million pensioners?

— Chuka Umunna (@ChukaUmunna) March 21, 2012

We don’t think Chuka is a bad guy. We do think he is prepared to do and say a lot in order to further himself in politics, and I for one am not convinced that he has really done his time to warrant the top job just yet. However, at his age (33) he has plenty of time to fix all that.

Paddy Power currently has Umunna down at 9/1 for the next Labour leader and in fourth place. Top of the list is Yvette Cooper, followed by David Miliband, and then Ed Balls.

Might be worth a Tenner then…


  1. You’re forgetting Rachel Reeves(also 33), Shadow Chief Secretary to the Treasury, very much on Labour MP’s and members’ list if not on betting shops’! Ed Balls would only accept a sideways shift if his wife gets the top job – which would annoy many! Faites vos jeux!

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