Clarkson sacked over BBC Fracas


The Daily Telegraph has the story that Jeremy Clarkson is to be sacked by the BBC. The decision was based on Clarkson’s improper conduct towards other BBC staff.

Jeremy Clarkson is to be sacked as Top Gear presenter after a BBC investigation concluded he did attack a producer on the programme.

Lord Hall, the Director General of the BBC, is expected to announce his decision on Wednesday after considering the findings of an internal investigation.

Clarkson, 54, will be thanked for his work on the hugely popular motoring show, but will be told such behaviour cannot be tolerated at the Corporation.

Will He rise again?


  1. Two people got involved in a heated argument and one felt sufficiently provoked to throw a punch and immediately owned up to it while the other one failed at all points to walk away from the contretemps. One person gets defenestrated while the other gets off without a blemish, but it generally takes two people to have a 20 minute shouting match. Lack of judgement all round, the worst of which is within the management of the BBC.


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