The Collective Nouns Of Modern British Politics

Humans are inherently social and tribal creatures. Even when we stopped being in actual tribes, we made up new ones, and British politics is nothing if not tribal. Have we missed any off?

A Bigotry of UKIPpers
A Solidarity of Socialists
A Grope of Lib Dems
An Intervention of NeoCons
An Irrelevance of Independents
A Taxation of Labourites
An Obedience of Social Conservatives
A Wealth of Conservatives
A Capitulation of Europhiles
A Blackout of Environmentalists
A Hysteria of Eurosceptics
An Entitlement of Progressives
An Expense of MPs
A Forlorn of Nationalists
An Impediment of Lords
An Inflexibility of Unions
An Inertia of Civil Servants
A Scandal of Journalists
An Ego of Twitterarti
And of course… A Soundness of Libertarians



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