Confirmed: Piers Morgan gets Top Gear Job


A BBC Spokesperson has confirmed that Piers Morgan will take over from Jeremy Clarkson as presenter of family friendly car show, Top Gear.

In a move that may raise eyebrows from diehard Clarkson fans Morgan’s agent stated: “After weeks of underground talks with the BBC Piers is thrilled that he can finally announce the news. He feels that with his experience of living in the USA he can bring a more robust and diverse performance to the show.”

“We are looking forward to the new direction Piers will take the show in,” a representative for the BBC told The Backbencher, adding “Jeremy has obviously left a huge hole in terms of personality, and we felt that Piers could add a new level to the show in terms of persona and expertise that millions of people would enjoy watching.

It is rumoured that Morgan’s salary will exceed Jeremy Clarkson’s, which was last stated at £1million. Jeremy Clarkson is yet to comment but it assumed the news will not be well received given the history between the two presenters.



Editor’s Note

Now is probably a good time to mention that this was an April Fools article. Sorry.



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