Corbyn aide called for Britain to be made ‘ungovernable’ to resist Conservative policies

Footage has emerged showing Andrew Murray, who led Jeremy Corbyn’s campaign team during the recent General Election, delivering a speech in 2013 in which he suggests the left make Britain ‘ungovernable’ in order to oppose Conservative Government policies. To cheers from the audience Murray asserts that ‘we have to simply say if you want to govern like this we will make the country ungovernable’. Earlier in the speech he specifically called for ‘mass strike action’ and praised the Unite union, for which he worked, for putting ‘mass industrial action on the agenda of the TUC’.

Murray, who at the time was working as Unite General Secretary Len McCluskey’s Chief of Staff has previously caused controversy by defending Stalin and the North Korean Government and, as The Backbencher recently revealed, comparing serving police officers to dumb animals.

Murray’s view that the left should resist the democratically elected government by making the country ‘ungovernable’, combined with his stated sympathy for a number of communist dictatorships, means it’s entirely legitimate to ask whether he really believes in democracy as it’s commonly understood. Given their past sympathy for violent groups and far-left tyrants, this is a question which quite a few of Corbyn’s close aides need to answer.

Andrew Murray speaking in 2013 suggests Britain should be made ‘ungovernable’ to resist Conservative policies (end of video). 


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