Corbyn Committee ally sends foul Twitter abuse

Seema Chandwani is pro-Corbyn member of the Labour Party’s Conference Arrangements Committee (CAC), which helps to organise the Party’s annual conference. She was elected to the position, whose symbolic importance is probably greater than its actual power, in September 2017 beating both moderate Labour MP and Shadow Justice Minister Gloria de Piero MP and centre-left peer Baron Cashman.

However judging by her Twitter account Seema hasn’t quite got the memo about ‘kinder gentler politics’. In one outburst (see below), referring to another Twitter user she writes ‘When a guy has a cock that looks like a toothpick he comes out with shit like this…Fuckwit!’. In another, when another Twitter user complains about her using the word ‘bitch’ she agrees claiming that ‘Fucking talentless bitch’ would be ‘more appropriate’ (this comment was made in October 2017 AFTER Seema had been elected onto the CAC).

She’s similarly aggressive towards moderates within the Labour Party. When Tim Macpherson, a former Labour PPC (Prospective Parliamentary Candidate), wrote ‘I voted Labour because I’m a Labour member who wants a Labour government and not a Tory one. I don’t vote for personality cults but policies’ Seema responded ‘You, who called Corbyn supporters Jihadists? Fuck off mate!’ Similarly she accuses John Mann, a Corbyn critical Labour MP, of talking ‘utter shit’ and describes his comments as the ‘passive aggressive gameplay of an attention seeker’.

Thanks a lot to @GnasherJew, who specialises in exposing extremism within the Labour Party, for his or her help with this piece.

A sample of abusive messages – click to expand. 

Note the date – sent in October 2017 after Seema was elected to the CAC


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