Corbynist Comedienne Accuses Philip Davies MP

Disclosure: One of the ‘Ladies for Philip Davies’ is an editor of The Backbencher and another has work published on the site.

Time to add another chapter to the ever-growing tome that lists all the unsuccessful attacks on Philip Davies MP, a litany of comedic tales that never cease to elicit a chuckle or two of derision from the reader. The most recent of attempts comes courtesy of comedienne Luisa Omielan who, in a neurotic rage-post on her Facebook, accused Philip Davies MP of confinement and assault!

Ms Omielan, who claims she doesn’t “know anything about politics, she is naïve to politics”, was supposedly set to meet with Philip Davies MP on Monday to interview him for her upcoming show “Politics for Bitches” (on BBC3, obviously). According to the British Comedy Guide, Politics for Bitches is “part sexy Question Time, part documentary and part comedy gig” and “each week Luisa will tackle a different political topic, breaking it down for the audience”. Quite the task for someone who doesn’t know anything about politics.

Yet, despite her claiming to not know anything about politics she sure comments a lot about politics. As shown by both Paula Wright of “Ladies for Philip Davies” and HEqual, Ms Omielan claiming ignorance is utter nonsense. Ms Omielan appears to be quite the Corbyn fan (one could go so far as to call her a Corbynist) and is a vocal critic of the NHS after having lost her mother because of failings in the NHS.

Ms Omielan starts her interview with Philip Davies MP, who initially declined the interview, by asking how he, a Northerner, could be with the Conservative Party because “they seem quite distant and cold and Yorkshire is famous for being quite, y’know, friendly and all-inclusive and whatever”. A great opening for an interview.

She then claims the microphone stopped working (convenient) and this is when Philip Davies supposedly becomes aggressive, accusing Ms Omielan of being a “Leftist, Corbynist agenda with your hidden agenda”. Whether this occurred or not cannot be proven by Ms Omielan as there is supposedly no audio (the mic stopped working yet she later implied there is still audio in a tweet) and the BBC now has the footage, not her. Even if there is footage, it won’t show much because “the camera is by my arms”. What kind of amateurish cameraman did she hire?

The whole sordid affair stinks of a right royal stitch-up, which has been evidenced by reporting from political blog Guido Fawkes, who exposed how Ms Omielan’s version of events is so distorted she would find Jimmy Hoffa before she finds the truth. According to the eye-witnesses Guido spoke with, Mr Davies did not touch Ms Omielan and none of her crew at any point felt the need to intervene. He simply informed her she could not be on the premises unescorted, at which point she became aggressive and told him to “f*ck off” and called him a “dickhead”, barging into Mr Davies’ assistant as she fled.

Goodness, in her video, Facebook post and following tweets, she could not keep her story straight. In the initial video, she claims she ran out then he held the door in front of her (surely it should be the other way around?). On Twitter she later reaffirmed this claim, now adding he “came into [her] personal space and shoved [her] a little as [she] tried to get out the door which he was blocking”. An odd chain of events further obfuscated by an additional Facebook post wherein she claims he slammed the door before shoving her, which occurred after she grabbed the camera and left his office. How Philip Davies MP managed to slam the door and confine Ms Omielan in his office after she had left is anyone’s guess! Let’s hope she doesn’t recant the incident again, adding he was frothing at the mouth, had bloodshot eyes was wielding a bloodied wood-axe!

According to Ms Omielan’s self-contradicting narrative (a rough transcript can be read here, for those who don’t wish to flagellate themselves by watching her video), Philip Davies MP also threatened to inform Lord Hall, Director-General of the BBC, of her behaviour. It is of the author’s opinion this threat is what provided Ms Omielan with the motivation to launch her baseless allegations against Philip Davies MP, in a vain attempt to claim victimhood via the court of social opinion before she would face repercussions for her immature and childish behaviour on Parliament grounds. A bodge attempt at damage control yet, an attempt nonetheless.

Furthermore, Ms Omielan has since made attempts to distance herself from her own work and the actions of her production company, telling Paula Wright she had never heard of Ladies for Philip Davies despite being in talks to interview them.

If we are to take Ms Omielan’s account at face value, how irresponsible are her producers to allow her to go into that situation either crazily unprepared or crazily biased? The producers must not have told her anything and since they were in contact with Ladies for Philip Davies they must have understood exactly who Philip Davies is.

Following these accusations, many people have reached out to Ms Omielan to offer her support. Lenny Henry tweetedDamn. I’m sorry you had to go through that. How come no one had a piece of two by four in order to settle my man down a lickle?” and the Metropolitan Police tweeted out to her asking if she wanted to report the incident – she claims she is “considering her options”. So far, it would appear no such report has been filed.

Speaking of reporting, has Luisa’s victim (Philip Davies’s assistant) come forward and put a statement to the Metropolitan Police regarding the assault she suffered? As Ms Omielan herself confesses, she did whack into the assistant when rushing out the premises.

Overall, this bodged attempt at a stitch-up is so comical I feel like it was scripted by the great Tom Stoppard.

Even by Leftist, Corbynist BBC standards, this attempt at a stitch-up is pitiful.



  1. “Even if there is footage, it won’t show much because “the camera is by my arms”. What kind of amateurish cameraman did she hire?”
    How sexist of you to suggest it was a man operating the camera. This was obviously a woman, possibly the malefactor herself.. :o)

  2. Odd, that.

    It doesn’t sound like the Philip Davies I met.

    Someone’s lying here – but who?

    It’s a mystery to be sure.


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