Corbynmania at Glastonbury: Why Drugs are Bad

Nobody can accuse Jeremy Corbyn of not knowing who his supporters are. After refusing to attend a National Armed Forces Day commemoration in Liverpool in favour of the Glastonbury Festival, he was apparently invited by James Heappey, the Conservative MP whose constituency includes the Festival, to attend a local Armed Forces parade before making his on-stage appearance at the festival. It looks like the invitation fell on deaf ears:

Instead, a frenzy has swept over the Festival’s attendees who are apparently breaking into chants of ‘oh Jeremy Corbyn’, to the tune of the White Stripes’ song Seven Nation Army, in anticipation of his big speech later this afternoon – much to the delight of Leftist commentators:

There is something of ancient Rome about this – the crowd revelling in drink and drug fuelled chanting and dance ready to crown their leader on the dais of the high temple.

Of course the great irony in all this is that the young people at Glastonbury will almost certainly view themselves as marginalised and down trodden martyrs, ever silenced in their battle against oppression. Many will likely have little or no sense of what an immense privilege it is to be able to devote their summer days to hedonistic abandon rather than worrying about getting blown up for their country – something that will be on the minds of many of those attending Armed Forces Day events; whom the Glastonbury crowd probably view as the violent enforcers of a ruling elite that must be destroyed.

Of course all the Corbyn worship must feel absolutely great – even without the drugs. The Festival environment is the ultimate echo-chamber-come-hugbox: large numbers of trendy young people all affirming each other’s beliefs and nobody to dare challenge them to defend their ideas or ask them to think about economic realities, the catastrophic failure of 20th Century socialist and Communist experiments, or the dangerous reality that their leader actually views Castro as a champion of social justice. Who wouldn’t want to be in an environment where their favourite rock stars are affirming their opinions and being rude about their political opponents?

You might be forgiven for getting entirely caught up in your own self righteousness in such an atmosphere. However, you might actually be in need of a reminder that being very young, off your face on alcohol and drugs and being in a herd atmosphere where nobody’s really in a position to say that the Emperor has no clothes on is probably not the best for your judgment and critical thinking skills:


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