David Cameron Follows ‘High Class Escorts’ on Twitter

As politicians start to utilise social media to connect with their electorate, it is important they remember that mistakes are easily made and they can pay heavily for their errors…

Over the past few months there’s been a lot going on with regard to online porn, where the British PM David Cameron has been ranting about how it’s killing society. Yet, he has just been caught following a London escort agency on Twitter – what an embarrassing situation for No. 10.

The news was rooted out by the guys over at The Register, who found out that the PM has been keeping up to date with the latest news from the Carlton’s London, who offer “the finest London escorts to gentlemen of distinction.”


And whilst this whole situation is rather funny, it actually comes down to the fact that the PM’s @Number10Gov Twitter account has been auto-following all new followers – not good.

In a brief statement, a spokesperson for Downing Street said: “As a result of this legacy, the @Number10gov account follows almost 370,000 accounts and we have taken steps to un-follow as many as possible that are inactive, spam or inappropriate. This work is ongoing.”

MPs have been caught in a furore of controversy on twitter recently; Grant Shapps was found to be following a porn account online, whilst Jack Dromney was also found to have favourited tweets from a gay porn star.

Case of the auto-follow bot shall we say….


Nicholas Fearn is a young lad with Asperger’s, aspiring to become a successful journalist. Check out his blog at gadgetxpert.co.uk, and follow him on Twitter @nicholasfearnuk



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