Deputy Leader of Lib Dems Spits on Memory of WWI Troops

Today is the 100th Anniversary of the Representation of the People Act 1918 which extended the Vote to 12.9 million men and 8.4 million women.

People with at least half a brain know this was through the hard work of the Suffragists, who were preceded by the Chartists. Their peaceful political lobbying, plus the support of Parliament, was turning the cogs and bringing about the change in law to allow for suffrage. Those with less than half a brain falsely credit the Suffragettes, going so far as to state they should be pardoned for all crimes they committed. Unsurprisingly, Jeremy Corbyn, who has a long and decorated history of siding with terrorists, has said the Suffragettes would be pardoned and receive an apology under Labour. Yikes!

It would appear that the terrorist organisation who detonated the first bomb in 20th Century Ireland, burned down Kew gardens and bombed the houses of politicians is a noble group of people to celebrate. It seems to matter not this fascistic organisation actually frustrated the campaign for suffrage – the history revisionists seem set on idolising these thugs.

Not content with that, Deputy Leader of the Liberal Democrats today tweeted the below, in response to the recognition of all the men and boys who died in the trenches – many of whom did not have the right to vote. The 700,000+ men and boys who died for our freedom, who faced shellshock, mortars, gas, trench foot, rats, illness and a whole host of nightmares I wish never to imagine are but a group to mock because … stop asking “what about men”.

Yes, that’s right, the suffering and pain of the men who sacrificed life and limb for our freedom is nothing because women not being able to vote is somehow the greater tragedy – even though many of men who were fighting also did not have that right.

The article in question is by Jessica Eaton, a PhD Researcher in Victim Blaming, who once infamously tweeted out that men kill themselves because of patriarchy.

Jo Swinson spits on the grave of those men and boys who died for our freedom.

She is a disgrace.

[Image: The 21st Battalion, London Regiment (1st Surrey Rifles)]


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