Do not give into May’s Blackmail


After almost 3 years since the vote, we have seen Brexit purposefully lead astray. The Prime Minister, right from the beginning set out to slowly wear down her Party and the country. She said one thing in public, but did the opposite behind closed doors. Her deal is nothing short of a betrayal. I know it, you know it dear reader, and the country knows it. Just read the legal text and you can plainly see the UK does not have the ability to leave the backstop of its own wishes. We will still be overruled by the ECJ and the Single Market will still be active.

Suffering the biggest Government defeat in our nation’s political history, Theresa May brought back her deal for a second time. This time it was defeated by 149 votes. Despite May having gone to grovel at the feet of Juncker the night before for some assurances that legally meant nothing, Brexiteers agreed nothing had changed.

The deal remains the same putrid cyst, it simply goes against her own manifesto. Yet, because Parliament is hellbent on destroying our democracy, the weak and meek have begun to show themselves. Esther McVey, David Davis, Philip Davies and even Jacob Rees-Mogg now have lost sense of their intellectual faculties and seem to be folding to a lie. They believe that it’s either this betrayal deal, or no Brexit. This is simply not possible, as legally No Deal is still the default position. Talk to the people on the streets and look at the recent polling, the majority of the nation now backs a WTO rules exit. The will of the people to leave properly has not waned in the slightest, but grown ever-stronger.

Why is this still so?

We British used to be a seafaring, exploratory nation. There was no mountain too tall that could not be conquered. There was no ocean too wide to cross. There was no landscape that could draw us short of breath. We mapped the world and became the first modern shipping nation. We were among the very first modern superpowers to champion export and import trade. The world is, has been and always will be the future, with regards to trade.

Why should the 90% of British businesses that do not trade with the EU, continue to abide by EU law? Emerging markets around the world, in South America, Africa and Asia are going to be future cornerstones of international trade. Why should we limit ourselves to one continent? Doing trade deals, with whoever we wish whenever we wish should always be a matter for us. Under Theresa May’s deal, not only are we locked into the Customs Union, but we don’t have a say which laws can be passed.

We welcome people of all kinds to our country. It doesn’t matter to us Brexiteers what you look like, if you want to work hard to get ahead, obey the law and integrate, we welcome you with open arms. But, Theresa May’s deal does not allow us to control immigration and secure our borders from new evolving threats. In fact, we are made to sever ties with our kith and kin in Northern Ireland. All this to satisfy the EU.

Alas, the coup de gras to our very soul as a nation, the ECJ will still make our laws and overrule our courts. English Common Law has been adopted by every single modern and many developing nations. We are the fathers of laws that protect the individual from the state and uphold the true pursuit of justice. Innocent until proven guilty is the default standard that we set. This nation has always been the scepter law and order. We first wrote most of the laws the rest of the world now lives by today. What manner of hollow being, what pathetic possession would we be overcome by to vote through this betrayal deal that destroys all of that? I cannot discount our history and ever stoop to such indignity to believe the EU should be master of my country’s law-making and court justice.

This is what it has boiled down to. Theresa May is bribing MPs with her resignation in exchange for their vote to back her deal. The problem isn’t even May herself perse, but rather the deal. She is the architect of the deal, but it doesn’t matter who is left holding the bag once she’s gone. Once you sign up to the deal, it becomes international law. There is no way out of it unilaterally. It cuts off a part of our nation, and makes us ruletakers to the EU. Rees-Mogg should look back on his own words when he described the deal as making us a ‘vassal state’.

So while the Party Membership is strongly in favour for No Deal, the Tory MPs that should be representing the 70% of us who want WTO rules and leave on March 29, are being ignored. How are on earth are these MPs any better than those who have betrayed our nation? Now is the time to be strong and not be blackmailed or bullied by Theresa May into supporting her deal. The will and strength of the people who want to leave, has never been stronger.

ERG members and the DUP as well as Brexiteers around the House of Commons, should look toward their nation to see what is right. Parliament is stuffed to the rafters with people who would like nothing better than to make us subjects of the EU. The 17.4 million people, some of whom had never voted before but they finally believed in something, would be abandoned. The largest mandate given to the Commons ever in our history, would not be honoured if MPs were to vote for the deal.

We don’t want to be slaves and treated like an offshore colony. We want our country back. Backing her deal would mean we don’t control our own borders, we can’t do our own trade deals and we cannot live by our own laws. Now is not the time to crumble to Theresa May’s blackmail. Listen to the people, heed our call and we may yet save our democracy from the abyss.

What price freedom?


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