Don’t tread on me: UKIP are not Libertarian

UKIP have annoyed me lately with this *libertarian* tag.

First of all there was Nigel Farage’s policy of banning the burka:

For any party that aspires to be in Government this is one of the most authoritarian polices you could promise, but to come from a self styled *libertarian* party is a joke; they want to regulate what you wear. Now I first mentioned this on my blog a while ago and was told that this is no longer policy (hope the leadership have been clear on this), but it’s the thought process – how can you even consider this if you are libertarian? Once you regulate the wearing of burkas, what’s next? It does not take long for people (the state) to slide down that slippery slope. People think I am joking when I say this, but last year a man was jailed for wearing an “offensive” T-shirt. Is this what UKIP want?

UKIP also have a problem squaring their immigration (or protectionist, as I like to say) policy. This is where they are exposed completely. They are exposed for being against the ethos of the free market, the free movement of labour; it’s no good praising the free movement of business and the rich if you don’t want what comes with it. I dated someone who worked in hotel industry who’s biggest moan was directed towards staff not turning up when they said they would for work. He found that non-English/British people (those pesky immigrants) were far more reliable than others he had come across at doing the job they were paid to do, the jobs that many English think is beneath them. See I have this theory that UKIP fear competition (which is amazing as they label themselves libertarian). They fear those different from them (check out mixed message on same sex marriage ). We are told they want “controlled immigration”, yet “controlled” means regulated, regulated means not a free market…

Finally there is their stance on the NHS, (I tweeted this the other night) asking how you can be a libertarian and support the NHS? This provoked an odd response, from being told that Libertarians can be ‘oppressive’ (yeah, work that out, me not forcing my views on you is oppressive) to then it shifting to being patriotic, stealing money from someone to pay for someone else’s healthcare (tax, NI) is not libertarian.

Someone said UKIP were “flag waving idiots”, I just think they are confused authoritarians…

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  1. UKIP may be among the best of a bad bunch, but definitely not Libertarian in the broad sense of the definition, just maybe on a select few issues.

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