Dun Romin’? Why the Roma will not be coming

Live and think free, ignore pointless laws, disrespect authority, pay cash, evade taxes, look after your own. Sounds tempting, doesn’t it? No, I’m not talking about the Libertarian ideal or the tattooed gold-toothed Irish travellers in caravans and flat bed Transits coming to tarmac your drive for hard cash, I’m talking about the largest ethnic tribe in Europe, the Roma and their chosen lifestyle.

roma living

Roma living

Let’s start by understanding what Roma are and are not. Estimates put their number at around 12 million worldwide, they originated as a wandering North Indian tribe in around 500 AD. Their language, Romani, shares the grammar of Bengalese and the lexicon of Hindi and Punjabi. You can find them anywhere on the planet, such is their urge to wander and live freely. Little is known of the actual history of this tribe, as they do not document their own existence, although we do know they have faced violent hostility throughout all of their history. They live in highly traditional societies: sex before marriage is taboo, and they adhere to strict Hindu purity laws. Big fat gypsy wedding style mini skirts have nothing to do with this tribe. Real Roma women wear traditional long skirts and wouldn’t be seen dead smothered in Essex bling. They don’t hold bank accounts or property; they invest their wealth in the oldest possible way – gold, handed down without taxation to the next generation. Their refusal to be assimilated by the State will see them driving a horse and cart, not a Range Rover. They have no need of iPhones other than to harvest the circuit boards for specks of precious metals.


Yes, they are poor in the modern sense. Life expectancy is low with only two out of three infants making it to adulthood and education and any sense of “progressive living” are confined to the few who desire what we desire. They are not consumers, cannot be registered, stamped, monitored or measured and most importantly, they live outside our societies because they wish to do so.

At the end of this year, changes to EU immigration laws mean that East European Roma will have every right to turn up in your neighbourhood – a thought that petrifies millions of Daily Mail readers. The media recently held proudly aloft the scalp of the Roma by discovering a blond child living amongst them in Greece. After the dust had settled it transpired that the child had been adopted from another Roma family residing in Bulgaria, rather than follow the traditional Western path of abandoning the child to the notorious State Orphanage system. Instead of congratulating them for finding a solution that suited everyone, the parents and carers were castigated as irresponsible, dangerous and evil – and the arrests of Roma parents of blond children began. A modern day witch-hunt for the evil outsiders has been whipped up with blinkered prejudice sitting proudly at the top – as usual.

I’ll set out my cards. Roma will not invade the UK or any other part of Europe because our society has nothing to offer them. Yes, you will find a few happy to grasp whatever the hand wringing Liberal elite decide they are entitled to in State benefits and a flurry of Diversity Coordinators will descend upon them with Council grants and aid to celebrate their culture, no different to any other ethnic group that pops up in our communities. But the Roma are even less suited to British living then they are scrapping a living on the plains of Romania. Whatever hurdles they face there are magnified to infinity by our over regulated lifestyles and intrusion into every minutiae of our lives by “the powers that be”. Woe betide any Roma trying to live an independent and autonomous life in Germany or Switzerland where having a bath after 10pm is illegal. What the Roma seek is freedom to live as they have lived for the past 2,000 years, something they will not find in any ueber regulated EU state. Roma history had them as slaves of the State until as late as 1850 and, unlike us, they are not about to sign up for any more of that in a hurry – they know better than most that it usually ends up in death camps.

Give the Roma a break and do the one thing they want the most. Simply leave them alone and they’ll be just fine. Ignore the few you will see begging just as you ignore the drunken begging Scots shouting at their own shadows at Waterloo Station. They are not seeking to overrun any country, steal your children or eat your cat – they’re just happy to do the jobs you won’t do, live where you won’t live and keep their distance from our rigid, regimented, consumerist stressful lifestyles. Moan about the mess all you like, but they aren’t the ones putting wind farms, commuter box new towns and high speed rail links all over the green and pleasant land.

Lucky heather, anyone? Further reading on the autonomous, proud and fiercely independent Roma here


  1. this article was written in 2013,in 2015 alone nearly 200,000 NI numbers were issued to romanians/bulgarians……….any chance of you admitting you got it wrong? no? i didnt think so somehow

  2. This article somewhat overshadowed by new figures showing far more Roma in the UK than previously thought. Otherwise, all sound.


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