E-commerce: How to Stay Safe When You Spend

    Given that you have headed online to read this article, we’re going to assume you’re a fully-fledged member of the 21st century. Like everyone else around you, you almost certainly spend a lot of time between your computer, smartphone, and laptop, which means e-commerce is hardly a novelty to you.  

    In fact, the UK has the highest online retail sales of any country out there, with 15.6 percent of shopping taking place over the Internet. Whether we are in search of fast food or hoping to enjoy a brief flutter, we frequently indulge in online transactions.

    Here are three top tips for you to use the Internet in the safest and most effective way!

    Make sure you use the right retailers 

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    When you shop the traditional way, it is easy to tell whether you are getting your money’s worth. You can see for yourself the item you are buying and can even try it on before taking it home. When purchasing online, however, this hands-on examination is impossible, so – in order to receive a product you like – a couple of extra considerations have to take its place. For instance, if you are buying from a website you have not used before, you are best to check for any previous customer feedback. Trustpilot is a very useful review tool, as are the inbuilt systems provided by outfitters such as eBay and the iTunes App Store.

    For instance, the latter provides an overview of customers’ reviews of the mobile casino app Mr Green. iTunes provides information regarding the overall rating of the app – 4.2/5 in this instance – as well as the number of reviewers and specific customer feedback. This way, a potential casino player can be sure to be dealing with a reputable iGaming provider. To give you another example: eBay offers reviews of sellers such as huayubay, again showing an overall rating – 98.5% in this case – and the number of positive, neutral, and negative customer experiences. Additionally, eBay lists the number of sales, viewers, and followers. This allows customers to recognise the seller as a trustworthy one.

    Make sure the website is secure 

    When you are buying a product online, you will need to input your card details, which means that using secure websites is of the utmost importance. To find such a website, you should look out for the following four elements. Firstly, secure sites should have a padlock symbol displayed in the address bar, right next to the web address. Secondly, the URL should begin with “https://” as opposed to a simple “http://”. Thirdly, on some browsers, this bar will also be coloured in green, making the website’s security status instantly discernible. Fourthly, clicking to the left of this will display information about the site’s certificate, including whether there are any warnings attached to it.

    Make sure you use a secure connection

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    Another important safety point to all those doing their online shopping in the coffee shop or local library: Public Wi-Fi can rarely be classified as completely safe. So when you are next tempted to go on a spending spree, you might consider waiting until you access your home Wi-Fi. An alternative would be to use your mobile data. These two options make sure your details are completely safe.

    The number of online shoppers is steadily increasing and so is the number of actions you can take to guarantee a pleasant e-commerce experience. With the above-mentioned three tips, your online shopping will be done in the safest and most effective way possible!


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