Elite Hypocrisy Over Heard’s Abuse Of Depp

How the cosmopolitan elite have acted from the moment actress Amber Heard claimed Johnny Depp was a domestic abuser demonstrates how far removed from reality Hollywood and the press corps really are. Long before the #MeToo era, an accusation from a woman with a public profile against a man who also is also well known inevitably lead to lurid and shocking headlines plastered across the mass media—with the redtops exuding sadistic glee at the opportunity to obliterate the public career a famous and wealthy individual. That is indeed what happened when Heard issued allegations of domestic violence against Depp.

Inquisitive soles may already know the reality of domestic violence is somewhat removed from the common presentation (Martin Fiebert, Murray Straus, and Don Dutton have conducted far reaching research that concluded domestic violence is not a gendered problem), but that did not stop the career of Depp being halted. Allegations from Heard condemning Depp were issued only to the press. Yet before proceedings against The Sun newspaper – which published the claims of Depp’s abuse – even began numerous tape recordings of Heard abusing Depp entered the public domain. Worse still, according to reports a friend of Amber alleged Heard never had the bruises she claimed were inflicted upon her by her then husband. Most damming of all was a recording of Heard taunting Depp, saying nobody will believe him because he is a man. Under normal circumstances the evidence already in public circulation would have long ago been sufficient to sink any high-profile celebrity.


This, therefore, begs the question of why press reports of a party thrown by Kylie Minogue and Cate Blanchett should have first occurred at all; and second, why it is being reported so uncritically? Few would seriously believe in the event of a man abusing a woman, repeating the words Heard herself utilised, any high-profile male pop star or actor would throw them a party for the purposes of moral support? Awful optics aside, that the Daily Mail published a story headlined ‘Amber Heard’s stellar cast of angels: Kylie Minogue, Cate Blanchett and the rest of the actress’s girl gang throw her a party after her torrid week in the Johnny Depp libel battle’ reveals the hollowness and rank hypocrisy of the cosmopolitan elite on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. Meanwhile, Depp, by far the most likely victim, is reported to be in a London hotel room. Alone.

Officially the case is against a newspaper, but often the reality of high-profile court cases diverts to other matters, and in this case it is to what extent—or if at all from the perspective of Amber Heard fans—Heard is a domestic abuser and generally vile human being. For the Daily Mail to cheerily announce the existence of such a party, held in support of an actress who is now subject to seemingly incontrovertible evidence of behaviour of which the mere suggestion of was enough to blacklist Depp, show deep-rooted insouciance the mostly unheard side of domestic violence.

Had there been so much as a scintilla of risk that holding the party would generate adverse media coverage, figures such as Minogue and Blanchett would never have contemplated such an undertaking—indeed, they would have likely long ago distanced themselves from Heard. Reactions to the case set against the backdrop of #MeToo indicate the depraved contradictions emanating from the entertainment industry show few signs of changing soon.



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