Big Government is a ‘great burden’ on Middle Earth

The Witch King is disgruntled with the excessive spending of Sauron’s administration.

Vedui’, Saesa omentien lle,

That’s elvish for “greetings, nice to meet you”. The year is 3018 of the 3rd age and we have the same problems you do. And here is why:

Government has become rather too large, don’t you think? It swallows gigantic amounts of our cash and seemingly gives very little back in return. Seeing as it’s the year 3018 of the 3rd age, I cannot, no matter how I would like to do so, blame Gordon Brown. However we have someone not at all that different. Let me introduce you to Sauron. Our very own socialist in chief, with millions of state employees working for him in the form of Goblins and Orcs. None of them are very efficient and swallow up more and more cash with ever increasing wage demands and better pension payments. Let me enlighten you further something I have a grudge with. Sauron and his need to spend cash he does not have.

Sauron has been spending far too much money in government; the Witch King is not happy.

Sometime ago, despite the fact I work for him, we fell out. I sat on his Council, watched as he made endless wild and bizarre plans to take over Middle Earth, forced many of into battles that he himself, would not enter. Made decisions without consulting the people of Middle Earth, and increased taxes for an unprecedented spending gorge. It is this last reason that drove me away.

The following is not the be all, end all of why the people of Middle Earth dislike Saurons Government. It is though, I suspect – a rather large reason.Please be seated, I shall explain to you in your language for simplicities sake. Think of a number, any number…….I bet it was not £1,229,100,000,000. Let that sink in a moment. That equates to over £50,000 per household in Middle Earth. A debt that we had no control over. Scarey isn’t it? It’s the year 3003 of the 3rd age, things are running quite well and Sauron decides it is time to open the taps on spending, with money he does not have. This was not something that we discussed rationally over a smoke of pipe weed. On top of each Middle Earth budget, we saw extra spending of £269 billion on Health, £185 billion on education, £80 billion on Public Order, £343 billion on Welfare and £350 billion on others. All that, in just over a decade. It is no wonder I became disillusioned. I will give you a few examples.

£2.3 billion on a new building for his top generals, £45 billion on building schools for the future, £800 million a year on agency goblins for our health system, £20 billion on Saurons personal Orcs to police us. An estimated £180 billion private finance. I could go on. But I think you get me.

Let’s move forward to current times. Now the Free Peoples of Middle Earth have acquired all this extra debt and no-one really knows why. Yes there are some that say it was investment, some that say it was needed. Now though, Sauron has been defeated and we have a new Government, attempting to pick up the pieces from where Sauron left off. They will fail, like all Governments do. Spending money they do not have is not only financially wrong, it is morally wrong. Taxing to death the Free Peoples of Middles Earth and then borrowing at the same time. Someone will have to pay..No let me rephrase that. Someone ALWAYS pays. Only for the people of today, they do not really have to worry about it. It’s the kids of tomorrow that will have to pick up the tab.

Maybe that is why we dislike Government, here in Middle Earth.



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