Exclusive: More bigoted Jo Marney messages revealed

We revealed last week that Jo Marney, former girlfriend of UKIP leader Henry Bolton, claims to have paid Bolton £1,500 (despite him claiming to have broken up with her over racist comments she made about Meghan Markle). A UKIP source has provided us with further historic comments made by Marney, and as her relationship with Bolton clearly remains close (and involves the transfer of money) we’ve decided there is a public interest in reproducing them.

During a discussion with a third party about refugees/migrants coming to the UK Marney commented ‘personally, I couldnt care if we do kill iraqi kids’ before adding ‘i personally think the entire country needs a nuclear bomb dropping on it’. These comments will only increase the pressure on the UKIP leader to clarify the nature of his relationship with Ms Marney, and whether he has been receiving financial assistance from her.



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