Farage 2nd referendum call ‘epic stupidity’ says former UKIP figure

Former UKIP Deputy Chair Suzanne Evans, who ran unsuccessfully for party leadership in 2016, has caused controversy by describing Nigel Farage’s suggestion that there should be a second referendum on the UK’s EU membership as ‘epic stupidity’. The claim was made by Evans in an article on Brexit Central, a pro-Brexit site founded by former Vote Leave Chief Exec Matthew Elliott.

Evans asked ‘did Michel Barnier slip something into his pint when they met last week? Is Farage really so skint that he has to risk giving up his life’s goal to keep his EU salary and perks? Or is he just calling Remain’s bluff?’ She concluded that ‘the kind interpretation is the latter; that this is just epic trolling’.

The article follows Farage’s comment on Channel 5’s The Wright Stuff that ‘just maybe I’m reaching the point of thinking that we should have a second referendum on EU membership’.

There has long been bad blood between Farage and many of those associated with Vote Leave, who went out of their way to exclude Farage from the referendum campaign – this spat should be seen in that light though most Brexit campaigners seen appalled by Farage’s suggestion.


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