‘F*ck men’ declares new NUS leader

An NUS leader has been at it again on Twitter, this time declaring ‘f*ck men’.

This comes after a number of similar tweets stating ‘f*ck the police’ and the ‘economy’, which you can view here.

Becky Ricketts, the newly elected President of NUS Wales, made the ‘f*ck men’ remark in response to a video of a female news reporter being slapped on her backside during a live broadcast.

The National Union of Students, which represents 95% of students’ unions in the UK, elects thirteen officers at its annual conference.

Ricketts, who will officially commence her two-year term this summer, ran on a manifesto of promoting equality and championing mental health services.

These are not the first unsavoury tweets from NUS leaders. Last year it was revealed that NUS President Zamzam Ibrahim had tweeted that she wanted to ‘oppress white people’ and call for an ‘Islamic takeover’.

As such, some have even argued for the NUS to be no platformed, which you can view here.


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