‘F*ck the police’ and ‘the economy’ say NUS leaders

Recent tweets from three elected representatives at the NUS have ranged from ‘f*ck the police’ and ‘f*ck the economy’ to supporting children who want to ‘f*ck sh*t up’.

Claire Sosienski Smith, the NUS’s Vice President for higher education, tweeted ‘stay indoors, f*ck the police’ shortly after lockdown measures were introduced in the UK this March.

Smith is a board member of the European Students’ Union and has previously campaigned against violence at university, according to her NUS bio.

Similar sentiments were expressed by the NUS’ Black Students Officer, Fope Olaleye, who tweeted ‘go f*ck yourselves’ in response to a Metropolitan Police statement calling for justice after the death of George Floyd.

Olaleye, who has also campaigned to end violence on school playgrounds, said that she felt ‘proud’ of ‘kids who are so angry and ready to f*ck sh*t up’.

The President of NUS Wales, Robert Simkins, was critical of calls to end the coronavirus lockdown, saying ‘F*ck the economy’ in response to a tweet from the Department of Health.

Simkins was elected to his position with manifesto of campaigning against poverty and improving the well-being of students.

The National Union of Students, which represents 95% of students’ unions in the UK, elects thirteen officers at its annual conference.

These are not the first unsavoury tweets from NUS leaders. Last year, it was revealed that NUS President Zamzam Ibrahim had tweeted that she wanted to ‘oppress white people’ and call for an ‘Islamic takeover’.

Some have even argued for the NUS to be no platformed, like this contributor: https://thebackbencher.co.uk/its-time-to-no-platform-the-national-union-of-students/



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