Old Holborn:Feminists – now free your children

I’m sitting here watching society eat itself – no, not aid money for space programmes or twittersphere luvvies being silent on twitter whilst they calculate how to sell more books on their bomb threats but the outrage belching forth at the concept that mothers should be paid to stay at home and raise a family.


Regular readers of mine will know full well that my views on the subject regularly attract the hairy-lipped feminists who chain smoke their way through a litre of vodka every night after a hard day at the bitter coal face of Council Diversity Management whilst their children eat KFC and spread headlice.

Yes, I’m talking the responsibilities of procreation – the only actual reason we exist at all, and the complete and utter corruption of the value of parenthood by the State. Let’s jump in the sweary Tardis piloted by Malcolm Tucker and zoom back 100 years and look at the State of play.

In 1914, just 1.13 million of us paid any income tax at all and that was at a stunning 6%. No VAT, no myriad of further claw backs, yet Britain was the most advanced society on the planet. Art, architecture, education – all funded from hard work, risk and capital. Your average cloth cap wearing newly emerging middle class man could buy a house and raise a family on the income of one person alone. A little bit put by for old age, close family bonds and the knowledge that you only borrowed money when your life (or roof over your head) depended on it.

And your wife stayed at home and raised your children…… (distant shriek from the feminists there; hear it?)

At home mums

Now I’m not advocating that women should not follow careers or be forced to stay at home; I’m all for equality in the workplace, but no matter how many politicians claim to free “women”, it is indeed them who have enslaved them – to the might of State taxation and the dreaded Ponzi scheme of  welfare. Right now, Germany is rocking gently back and forth and wondering how the hell it is going to pay the pensions of all the people who they so happily liberated of their incomes through taxation. Cameron is juggling an abacus in the air as he tries to calculate how he can bribe 40-year-old women to throw their newborn offspring, umbilical cord flapping in the wind, into the hands of some mouth breathing 17 year old on work experience so they can get back to paying 75% of their income straight back to the glorious state.

It was once said that the mark of a civilised society is low taxation because we could be trusted to take care of ourselves. So just how uncivilised have we become, where people working having to go cap-in-hand to the taxman for a slice of what they paid back in tax credits?

“More immigration, more babies” the politicians scream; “someone is going to have to earn the money to pay for all the promises we made”, as they quietly regulate that we can no longer retire before we are dead of old age. They are desperately seeking new “revenue streams” and ways to tap into what little of our income still remains our own, all on the premise that we are grateful for it. Well, I’m not. I raised six children without handouts from snake oil salesmen. I financed my own procreation and I’m damned if I’ll have my offspring working on the plantation of the State at 14 just so they can be taxed to finance the borrowing of Nigeria’s space ambitions.
The State seeks to destroy civilised, autonomous living and personal responsibility by destroying our capacity to live without it. Only the State can raise children, look after you in old age and provide for you and yours – in return for your immortal soul and compliance, of course.

social housing

It’s time for a revolt. Whilst the architects of this nightmare society retire to thatched cottages in the Cotswolds to be near the grandchildren, the rest of us are left with dysfunctional families and wage poverty, cooped up in minimal housing like battery hens, robbed of any independent wealth by the grasping claws of Westminster.

We need to return to an age where children are more important than the BMW or the gym subscription. We need to understand that the functioning family unit, not the State is what has allowed 2 million years of evolution and we need to free ourselves from the tyranny of the robber barons of Westminster who insist all of us can be “free and equal” if we just hand over everything we possess to them to manage on our behalf.

Take back parenting and we’ll take back society. If we want to be free, we’re going to have to look after our kids ourselves – the slave owner only has one interest and it’s certainly not theirs. Ladies, over to you. Let’s see you set your children free – we’re counting on you.


  1. A recent article in a BBC publication pitted the UK against Germany in everyday life. The Germans won 4-1. The only thing the BBC claimed the UK was ahead in was “women in the workplace”. More house fraus was a bad thing and not in any way why the Germans won.

  2. Ah the old day’s when there was a British empire, and we exploited South African/Rhodesia to subsidize the peasants

  3. I suspect that hairy lipped feminazis are like scousers though, and prefer to be offended victims dependent on on Big Brother’s thugs and Nanny than responsible for themselves. They did fall for “female empowerment” (=needing two people’s incomes instead of one to buy a house, etc), and all the shit in Women’s magazines after all.


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