Flashback: A “sticky situation” at the 2009 EU elections


The 2009 Euro Elections had the full slate of dirty tricks as is typical with most elections. UKIP were on the bottom of the ballot, and some voters had found that their ballot paper had been folded and as a result the UKIP box was missing.

UKIP HQ at the time had received many calls from angry voters who were complaining that they could not find UKIP on the ballot paper; but one call from an elderly lady is particularly memorable. The lady in question phoned up UKIP HQ and complained “I couldn’t find UKIP on the paper.” “Yes” the UKIP employee replied, “some papers have been folded over to hide the UKIP box”. The woman then unexpectedly continued: “And my friend’s ballot paper was absolutely covered in semen…” “Well,” he managed to reply “some people do get excited when they see UKIP on the ballot paper.”

A sticky situation for all involved.

With thanks to @HarryAldridge for recounting this fantastic tale.


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