Food banks – hand out or hand up?

“I care not for a man’s religion whose dog and cat are not the better for it” said Abraham Lincoln once in a swipe against religion and charity. This Easter weekend has seen the battle of the Politicised Food banks throughout the media with pitched battles erupting between those who consider a trip to the food bank to be the equivalent of scrounging or those who consider the very existence of a food bank to mark the end of society.

Let’s try to add a little perspective to the debate from a Libertarian point of view.

I have absolutely no problem with the existence of food banks – after all, we are amongst the most overfed populations on the planet and if, whilst you load your Corpomarket trolley full to the brim and attempt to squeeze past the morbidly obese “vulnerable” person in a taxpayer funded mobility scooter, you decide to throw in a tin of value beans so that someone less fortunate than yourself can have a free meal, it’s none of my damn business, is it? At least it should be none of my business – charity has existed since the birth of humanity after all – but it appears that the plight of the “underfed poor” is set to become a major political football and we know how that always ends. More demands for taxes by posturing politicians desperately grubbing in the dirt for a few extra votes, keen to spread the message of “equal wealth distribution” or “feckless scroungers”. It is no coincidence that a trade union movement now dedicated to seeing us all wear Mao suits and begging for handouts from the State are at the forefront. I give you the highly political Trussel Trust, ensuring that no refuge from Socialism can exist.

Facing facts, Food banks are frequently principally by those who are suffering FROM the State. Asylum seekers unable to work due to Home Office restrictions or the unemployed unable to feed themselves because fat Maureen at the Dole Office, herself a trade union rep, is suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder after reading something nasty on twitter and never filed the correct paperwork for the State to be able to feed you. Genuine charities have been quietly feeding the hungry since Adam was a lad without any shrieking headlines and communities up and down the land look after their own, or rather did until the State made it a hanging offence to hand a few of your allotment grown leeks to your elderly neighbour. Until the almightily State grasped the monopoly on social justice, charities were doing their utmost to help the disadvantaged. Here’s a list of Victorian charities in London, all now banished to provide fat Maureen with a cushy non job in a Guardian littered concrete bunker in some Karl Marx Stadt replica built by Fabians in the 60’s – presumably in some homage to Soviet Turnip Collectives and the works of Billy Bragg.

Whilst our doctors complain we are too fat, our Politicians complain too many of us are hungry. Our religious leaders spout their hypocritical bollocks from gold and gem encrusted Palaces, safe in the knowledge that they are entirely tax free and our faux guilt for fellow man will soon fill the coffers of the NHS, the Vatican or bottomless leftist Council Tax pits. Libertarians in the meanwhile are working out the best ways to ensure we don’t end up at food banks in the first place. Whilst not all of us are growing our own and laughing in the face of the man from Del Monte, it’s certainly a Libertarian model to provide for yourself and your loved ones – something the State is desperate to destroy in return for obedient and compliant handouts. We save our money and buy property, we protect our land and invest in our futures, we maintain cooperative and voluntary trade agreements and yes, we give to our favourite charities – quietly and discreetly – in the hope of hand ups, not hand outs. We don’t seek to redistribute your wealth and we don’t seek to rob Peter to pay Paul – we understand that wealth brings security and independence, the very antithesis of a Political “food bank”.

Yes, it is an outrage that food banks exist in the 21st Century, but the bigger obscenity is why. For that, you need look no further to the benevolent shepherds of all persuasions who insist on running your lives on your behalf.

Go free range and the need for handouts vanishes – it’s what the collective and the Shepherd fears most.


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