Foreign Affairs News Round Up 31/01/13

France has taken the bold, if controversial step of deporting several “radical foreign preachers”. Minister of the Interior Maneul Valls said the move was part of France’s fight against “global jihadism”. Security Services in France had warned that the French military intervention in Mali would make the secular republic a target for retaliatory strikes by Islamists, both within France and aboard. France’s security level has been raised to red, with security at transport hubs having been visibly increased.

Ecuadors’s long time lodger, Julian Assange of Wikileaks fame, is to run for the Australian Senate. He will run under an as yet unformed Wikileaks Party. The Elections will be held September 14th. It is not known if Mr Assange will leave the Ecuadorian Embassy during the campaign.

Environmentalists across the world may wish to think twice before buying anything else ‘made in China’. Figures released recently show that the People’s Republic is now burning through more coal than the rest of the world combined. Coal accounts for approximately 20 percent of global emissions.

Elements of the Israeli Air Force have attacked a convoy on the border with Syria and Lebanon. A spokesman for the IDF said that intelligence had been received that the convoy was carrying weapons and was bound for Islamists in southern Lebanon. The Syrian-Lebanese border has become ever more porous as the beleaguered authorities in Syria have retreated to a handful of hubs and surrendered much of the rest of the country to the authority of up to 1000 local militias.

In an effort to curb the power of drug cartels, the Colombian government is planning to introduce legislation that will legalise ecstasy. Small amounts, for personal use, will be decriminalised entirely, with a relatively soft sliding scale for anything more being introduced. The move will be watched closely by other governments in Latin America who are struggling with their own rampant narcotic gangs, who are often better equipped and informed than the local authorities.

Finnjet-limousine-WAnd finally…

A 72 year old man has created his own limo worth $1 million, and made entirely of junk metal. The former chauffeur moved to Florida in 1984 and spent 10 years trawling junk yards, simply adding pieces as he went. The car has become so popular that is it currently on a tour of motor shows in Europe.


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