Foreign Affairs News Roundup Week 42

President Obama and Republican candidate Mitt Romney squared off in the second of three televised debates. Obama needed a win after a lackluster performance at the first encounter. The Democrat certainly came out swinging as was a far more confident and aggressive in both the defence of his administration, and in his attacks on Romney.

The Republican camp (along with everybody else in the Western World) anticipated this and the former CEO had also upped his game, hammering Obama on the economy. The debate got a bit bogged down over the finer details coal and oil permits at one point, but it was an entertaining if inconclusive night. Neither side landed a knock out blow, nor were there any real clangers.

The two meet next week for the final debate on foreign policy.

Relations between Turkey and Syria continue to deteriorate. Both countries have banned flights to the other from using their airspaces. Syria has also stopped buying electricity from its northern neighbour.

The civil war in Syria has started spilling over in neighbour’s territories. There has been an up tick in attacks by Kurdish rebels in Turkey’s east, Lebabnon has seen a rise in the availability of weapons, and US forces have been dispatched to Jordan to bolster the border forces of the pro-Western kingdom.

Western powers continue to tighten the screws on Iran. A new round of sanctions limit natural gas imports by EU members. Iran’s currency is tanking and inflation is on the rise. Iran’s government subsidises food and oil for Iranians and it’s not clear how long they can continue to fund these programs.

And finally…

The Falklands just got slightly safer; an Argentinean naval vessel has been impounded in West Africa by creditors of the Argentine Government. Port authorities are refusing to let the ship leave until relevant monies are paid.




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