Foreign Affairs News Roundup Week 44

Hurricane Sandy has started to wreak havoc on the Eastern Seaboard of the US, after killing 66 people in the Caribbean. New York and New Jersey have been hit power cuts as transformers go down. Subways have been flooded and Freedom Tower had its lights turned out for the first time. Both Obama and Romney have cancelled their elections campaigns.

Some are questioning whether or not next week’s election should be postponed. However critics were quick to point out that World War Two and even the US Civil War didn’t interrupt presidential votes.


The much hoped for Eid Truce between government forces and rebel groups in Syria was over almost as soon as it started. Both sides accused the other of breaking the truce, and at least one hundred have died in the last week. The civil war shows little sign of abating. Rebel groups are too disunited and lacking in heavy weapons to hold ground, while forces loyal to President Assad are spread too thinly to completely crush the rebels while they continue to be backed by outside forces. Russia this eek claimed rebel forces have been found with US weapons, while both Iran and Russia have been accused of aiding the Ba’athist regime.


Protests continued to grip Greece and Spain as Eurozone unemployment hit 18.49 percent. Greek efforts to restore its finances were dealt a blow as it transpired that it’s budget for 2013 forecasts an even deeper recession than earlier thought. Spain’s government face 50 percent youth unemployment, indebted regions, a hideously uncompetitive labour market, and banks still reeling from a property market that has all but imploded.


And finally…

If you stumble across a ship carrying 700 tons of gold ore, would you mind giving Moscow a call..? They seem to have misplaced theirs.

The cargo carrier Amurskoe has been reported missing in the Sea of Okhotsk in the Pacific North West coast of Russia. Three ships, and amphibious aircraft and a helicopter are involved in the search. No surviours and no wreckage have been found.


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