From Casinos to Cars: When is Newer Really Better?

    For the world to improve, things are always going to have to change. Sometimes this involves going forward, but other times it can mean falling back on the lessons of the past. In an age of so many conflicting opinions, finding out where the truth lies can be nothing short of a fulltime job. That said, at least when it comes to technology and entertainment, the line is much easier to draw.

    Taking a look at some of the most popular developments of the modern world has got us wondering: what are the biggest examples of the best changes we’ve seen through tech recently, and where do these fall short? What makes online casinos so fun, while similar developments drag video streaming down?

    Electric Cars

    There’s a lot of debate about electric cars and, like it or not, they seem to be here to stay. Despite the undeniable arrogance and insufferableness of the likes of Elon Musk, we have to admit the draw of lower costs of getting a full ‘tank’ is a significant pull. Gas won’t last forever, unfortunately, and as terrible as Tesla building practices can be, we’re sick of getting blasted at the pumps.

    tesla” (CC BY 2.0) by benjie_castillo

    Despite the progress in recent years, though, mass use of electric cars seems to be far on the horizon. So far, in fact, that people are betting against Musk’s Tesla and spats between Musk and other prominent figures in the same field suggest they may not be lending the issue of sustainability the serious attention it deserves.

    Online Casinos and Digital Entertainment

    There are some forms of online entertainment that we’ve only grow fonder of over time. Playing games at Paddy Casino online, for example, can appeal to us far more than going to a brick and mortar establishment these days. A better selection of games, more bonuses, and no drunken patrons to deal: for many, this makes systems like this a no-brainer.

    Even better are the advantages generated by the rise of live casino games. These are forms of games like roulette and blackjack which include real-life dealers, live-streamed over the internet. This allows players to fuse the realism of physical locations with all the convenience of playing online, as a way to get the best of both worlds.

    Really, our enjoyment on this front heavily stems from the fact that while online casinos involve new technologies, they still stick to the established qualities of old. No matter the game, from slots to roulette and live-streaming, these all relate perfectly back to gambling’s legacy.

    Television and films, however, often go the other direction. Modern television and streaming services offer immense choice but, unlike with casinos, much of the choice is dubious. There’s still a lot of good content out there, but finding it underneath the stacks of terrible can be some feat: hundreds of shows focus on reality television (which is anything but realistic), and on worshipping at the feet of overprivileged celebrities.

    Social Media

    Today we logged into social media to see photos of family who live on the other side of the world. People we love who we only manage to see in person every few years. Connections like this are worth the world to many of us, and for that, we have to praise the technological developments which make this world possible.

    Last week we watched a bunch of teenagers screaming at each other in the middle of the city while their friends filmed. This “social experiment” was developed solely for social media hits, disturbing dozens of people’s lunches for the benefits of a conceited few.

    Unfriend Social Media” (CC BY 2.0) by Nursing Schools Near Me

    This is hardly even close to the first public disturbance which we’ve seen born from social media, and we doubt this is a problem which will do anything but get even worse.

    Drawing the Line

    The problem with these technologies, as we see it, is not that they’re used, but how they’re used. In this sense, it could well be time for a deeper examination of what the components of new technology best suit the world, and which have been rushed out without regard for greater context.


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