Great Ways Students Can Earn Money Online

With September comes the return to university and everything that goes with it: bad music in the Student Union, late nights finishing assignments, and the woeful reminder that you really need to find a source of income outside of your student loan. The first two are unfortunate, but really out of our control. That final point, however, is something we can help with.

A Laptop, Wifi Connection, and Endless Opportunities

Casual restaurant and bar work is fine, but involves long hours for pitiful pay. As anyone even slightly tech savvy knows, in this day and age, money is mostly made painlessly online. Here we will take a look through the top five great ways you can use the web to best effect and earn some easy money on the side.

Sell Your Unused Items

It’s hardly revolutionary, but using sites like eBay to your advantage can reap enormous returns. Read up on how best to market your items: use the right vocabulary, take good photographs, and provide the information that buyers actually want to know. Important note: don’t make a rookie mistake and miscalculate postage.

Technical items like old mobile phones, CDs and DVDs have a strong market and a number of sites specifically devoted to their resale. These sellers will often even arrange free collection for groups of items.

Get Cashback

Using cashback sites might just be the easiest way to earn money online without actually ‘doing’ anything. Working on a simple visit tracking basis, anytime you are heading online in order to buy something – textbooks, trainers or tea towels – you just head to the cashback site first, find the online retailer you need, and then you will get redirected to it through the cashback site. Rates can vary widely, but your cashback can be paid directly to your bank account or you can claim it for slightly higher value as shop-specific vouchers.

Start a Blog or Website

Setting up your own site isn’t difficult: there are a lot of providers offering hosting plans and domain names, making it possible to find cheap ones without too much searching. You don’t have to opt for the standard, either, but think about how you’re going to use your site and whether it would be better suited to one of the new TLDs like .uk or .london.

With everything up and running, blogging regularly and using social media to your advantage will help to build your site’s reputation. With good traffic established, affiliate marketing and online marketing are great ways of using your site to generate an income by writing about things you enjoy.

Pick Up Small-Scale Jobs on an App

Whether it’s painting a wall for someone on Task Rabbit or becoming a delivery cyclist on Deliveroo, there are a number of apps out there designed to help you find work. Specialising in pairing up individuals looking for ad hoc one-time jobs with other individuals or companies who are offering, they can help you land your next gig within the hour.

Matched Betting

Unlike the extreme risk and grey areas associated with spread betting, matched betting is a completely legal and risk-free enterprise if you follow the rules carefully. The profit comes from bookmakers’ free bet bonuses that are often offered to try and entice new customers: placing equal lay and back bets means you never lose out. The best bit? All of the money earned from matched betting is tax-free.


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