Green Party Candidate Mocks Farage over Testicular Cancer

Green Party Candidate Jenny Ross has mocked Mr Farage today over having suffered Testicular Cancer.

Ms Ross, the Green Party candidate for Stalyebridge & Hyde, tweeted a “joke” about the fact that Mr Farage only has one testicle, a result of his treatment for Testicular cancer in his earlier life.

Ms Ross quickly deleted the tweet but not before an eagle eyed user of the social media site managed to get a screenshot.

Users of social media have attacked Ms Ross for what they view as a tasteless joke about a cancer victim, with criticism being drawn from all political parties.

The Central Green Party have also responded by saying: “We condemn the language used by Ms Ross. It is neither appropriate or constructive to use this kind of inflammatory language. Our party will fight the vicious rhetoric espoused by Farage but we will not do so by making this kind of offensive remark. We expect an apology from Ms Ross and an internal investigation of her actions is already underway.”

However Ms Ross has shrugged off the criticism by responding that she’s not supposed that UKIP supporters don’t like “Dark Humour”.


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