Green Policy will hurt those it means to protect.

The Green Party of England and Wales displays the following message on its policy page under the sub-section of ‘Jobs and Living Wage’.

Work towards a 35-hour working week. Full time UK employees work the longest average hours in Europe: 43.5 hours, as against 38.2 in France and 39.9 in Germany. A 35-hour week will both improve the work/life balance, help to share out work, and be part of a just transition to a low-carbon economy.

I say: Why should there be a limit on the amount of hours that a person chooses to work?
Companies and their employees should be allowed to negotiate the amount of hours that are worked and to decide collectively what wage they should be paid. If I want to get on the jobs ladder and receive on-the-job experience for a price I agree to then who should tell me it is not enough money. Who knows better than me what price I am prepared to work for?


It is worth remembering that the Green Party are campaigning for a rise in the minimum wage to £8.10 and that JSA currently stands at £1.77 an hour – creating an ever larger gap between the two.

Essentially, the Greens want to work less and be paid more, not exactly practical in a competitive world market. I wonder how many companies will outsource their labour force should these policies ever become a reality. This is a policy that will directly hurt the British labour market, but not presumably the core middle class ‘progressive’ voters the Greens attract.

These changes would see the British labour market detrimentally affected as it would appear to be less competitive and even anti-business. If anything, in times of severe economic scarcity, Britain needs to be more competitive and give companies the incentive to set up shop in our country. This is in our eyes, a superb example of how the Green Party is out of touch.


  1. 35-hour working week in France has bankrupted the country, increased unemployment, job-precarity and out-sourcing. Some work is labour-intensive and should be financially compensated accordingly. Work/hour straight-jacket no solution.


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