Greenwich Students’ Union Bans Sexism et al

In recent news, Greenwich Students’ Union voted to ban rape culture, including victim blaming, sexual gratification and objectification of women, and trivialising rape.


Unsurprisingly, Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines is set for the cut, along with “The normalisation of rape related behaviours and language is not acceptable on campus”

Are SUUG pledging to police the language used by University of Greenwich students on campus?


They also voted to give the Executive Council, made up of a democratically representative 12 students, “the mandate to prevent media being displayed, heard, or sold in Union venues and outlets.” Also allowing the “Executive Committee to have the ability to prevent a speaker from using Union or University facilities.” It’s worth noting that a similar level of power is used by the University of Manchester Students’ Union to ban Military societies from recruiting on campus.


  1. Howey only one candidate ran unopposed in their last elections, it just so happened to be one who proposed the motion

  2. “Are SUUG pledging to police the language used by University of Greenwich students on campus?”

    Insomuch that a student in Greenwich probably wouldn’t get away with spouting off racial abuse.

    I’m not defending this clampdown on free speech, just pointing out the extent to which it doesn’t exist as it stands.

  3. So the SU, which was democratically elected by about 5% of its students, is deciding what people can say on Campus? Maybe they will be adding snooping devices around campus to spot the sexist; An NSA of SUs


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