Guardian still advertising unpaid work experience

Despite the tough and persistent editorial line from The Guardian’s opposition on unpaid internships, it seems that the newspaper still does not stand by its own ethos.

The “Editorial Experience” opportunities, as listed below, provide brief work experience placements which offer bright young future-journalists the opportunity to learn about the industry and get some first-hand experience. The Guardian’s jobs site says that candidates may gain “from shadowing a journalist to getting involved in editorial activities where possible“; meaning that candidates could produce material for the website which will generate the company money.

What’s the difference between an “Editorial Experience” and an internship? Milton thinks it’s just a glitzy way of saying unpaid labour – if he’s honest.  

guardian editorial experience list
A sample of advertised Editorial Experience roles currently on offer at The Guardian (3.7.14)

There seems to be a stench of hypocrisy.

Woe betide anyone to cross Laurie Penny’s (or more or less any pundit on Comment is Free) scathing attacks and fierce opposition to the ‘inequality’ issues associated with unpaid work experience;  unless of course, you are her employer.

guardian work exp complete
Headlines from The Guardian on unpaid internships

So when will The Guardian live by its own example?

If unpaid internships are the root of all evil, stop offering them in bulk to ‘vulnerable’ students.



The Guardian was called out on this last year by Guido Fawkes, yet Guardian columnist still campaign against unpaid-work experience and the paper still shuffles the recruits in…


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