Hard-left activists picket Labour Antisemitism hearings

A group of hard-left activists and Antisemitism apologists (at best), calling themselves ‘Labour Against The Witch Hunt’, picketed a meeting of the Labour Party’s National Executive Committee, which took place in London on Tuesday.

The group was addressed by Jackie Walker, a Corbyn supporter suspended from the Labour Party after claiming that the Atlantic slave trade was financed by Jews. Walker claimed that she was being targeted by the Israeli state, asserting that “Israel made a very purposeful, open and public decision some few years ago, two or three years ago, that they would come after people like me…and they’ve put millions behind that campaign”. She also argued that the suspension of Labour activists for Antisemitism is part of an effort to remove Corbyn supporters from the Labour Party.

So Antisemitism is being defended in the centre of our capital city. And there isn’t a sound from the usual ‘anti-fascist’ protest groups.

‘Labour Against The Witch Hunt’ (read any effort to combat Labour Party Antisemitism) outside a meeting of the Party’s NEC in London. 


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