Headteacher reports ex-pupil to police over Anarchism fears

A headteacher has reported one of his ex pupils to the police for setting up a blog which criticised the way his school was run.  

The blog criticises the school spending on promotional material and the lack of investment in musical instruments and gym equipment.

However, the school’s headteacher, Jacques Szemalikowski took action because he was worried that the pupil, Kinnan Zaloom, could be “developing into an anarchist”.

When the headtecher, Jacques Szemalikowski, was asked by the New Journal what had worried him about the website, he said: “The fact that Kinnan has mentioned the ideologies of anarchism and individualism on this blog.

“I must do something. In the last year he has become more and more enchanted by anti-establishment ways of thinking and has even said that there is an inherent risk that every government is corrupt.”

“I phoned Glasgow to warn them what sort of person they were dealing with, to advise them that this person thinks thoughts like these, and they could then make an informed decision. I am duty bound to do that” he said.

Kinnan has compared school senior staff members to characters in George Orwell’s Animal Farm and casts Mr Szemalikowski as Napoleon in the novel.

Mr Zaloom says he was grilled about why he wrote one of the more critical articles and was told that he should never return to the school site because the piece was considered “offensive”.



This is the same headteacher who decided it was appropriate to use the notoriously explicit recording of Jonathan Ross and Russell Brand’s phone call to Andrew Sachs for an English exam for 14 year olds. The line “he fu**ed your granddaughter” can be heard clearly in the recording.

This headteacher is featuring far too often in the national news – and seemingly for all the wrong reasons.


  1. Someone called Szemalikowski took action because he was worried about someone called Kinnan Zaloom – which country is this story set in?

  2. Quote ” there is an inherent risk that every government is corrupt.” sounds to me like the youngster has quite a good grasp of how politics works. It’s time our politicians started to look further than the end of the trough their snout is in, and opened their ears to listen to what the populace is saying. At present the only party which is listening to the people is UKIP, are they anarchists? I think not. I wonder if there is not an element of the R word behind this, given the names of the people involved.
    I Personally am all in favour of the young mans blog if by it he hopes to achieve the truth.

  3. Who would send their children to a school where the head actively undermines the futures of the students??

    As this Kafkaesque head prat is against individualism, by his logic not just him but the entire school are petty minded evil little bureaucratic creeps.

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