Historic Day for Salmond’s SNP.

Today was a day for the history books as the referendum for Scottish Independence was officially agreed to be held in the next two years. The referendum will have only 1 question on it which will ask the Scots if they want to see an independent Scotland.

The 1 question slant may pose a threat to Salmond’s independence vision and allow him to lose big come referendum day as it does not have the option for Devomax — the preferred halfway house for some.

The SNP will have their work cut out for the next two years after the what the Olympic Games did for British national pride, and after witnessing the disappointing (dreadful) turnout for an independence rally. In brief, 10,000 more people went to congratulate Andy Murray after winning the U.S Open.

On a purely theoretical basis, one thing that is quite likely for the UK – should an independent Scotland become reality – is that Labour would struggle in Westminster, as it would lose the 41 seat stronghold up in the chilly North. The Conservatives on the other hand would lose 1 seat. You might be right to think that Ed Miliband would be tearing his hair out, and if he is not then Len McCluskey without doubt will be.

Pundits such as Harry Cole argue that in this scenario of an independent Scotland, Labour would move right and then compete for more Tory voters.

We think that the fight for the centre right could lead to the further emergence of the smaller parties such as the Greens, Respect, and UKIP, although, at the moment it is really all guesswork.



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