How Dare They! USA Says It’s Best UK Remains In The EU

Margot Parker (Ukip) argues that the USA should not ‘interfere’ in the UK’s relations with the EU

IT SEEMS the United States wants the UK to stay in the EU and worries if  we don’t.  If we left it would run against America’s interests, or6 27 10 Philip Gordon.preview so says Philip H. Gordon, US Secretary of State’s Europe assistant. He goes on to say it is essential that Britain has a voice in the EU. It must be  something to do with that special relationship we are supposed to have with the USA – or not.

I must admit I never saw the UK’s role in the EU as lobbyists for the USA,  but it seems it would be awkward for them if we were to leave. After all, with the UK looking out for their interests in the EU then the US can concentrate on other parts of the world which are a little more troublesome  for them.

In the past the UK was not successful in getting the German and French support to assist the US policy in Iraq. Sadly on this occasion we were wrong, in my opinion, and the French and Germans were right not to agree to the invasion of Iraq.

aa-tony-blair-as-bushs-poodleMr Gordon gave further advice referring to the prospect of the UK having an in/out EU membership referendum, saying referendums have often turned countries inward.  He urges the British government to think again.  Well thanks for that! Talking about advice, surely Mr Gordon will be aware that American foreign policy since WW2 has been a self-serving  disaster and one which haunts them still. Indeed, they seem to support the worst of dictators in the world. The UK needs to follow its own course, because for far too many years we have been dragged into America’s nasty wars. Let’s not forget Tony Blair, the British Prime Minister who ignored his own cabinet and the will of the British people by allowing himself to become the poodle of the United States. In the nicest possible terms Mr Gordon needs to, as they say in the US, “butt out” of British affairs.

Has America learnt nothing since its own war of independence to end their own colonial status? Why on earth do they think the UK should accept our colonial status by membership of the EU? The USA insults British democracy: from one democracy that wishes to see us destroy what is left of our democracy, just who do you think you are dictating to?

Would America be happy to lose control of their borders and have uncontrolled migration, with entitlement to their welfare programs, funded by fewer and fewer people in work? Don’t they understand that the UK is subjected to EU laws with millions entitled to flood into our welfare state? The jobs in our service and financial industries are by no means secure, they too are under threat by the EU. We spend more and more money on welfare, housing, health care, NHS, schools with overburdened translation services running into millions, and we are told we must build more houses on our countryside in order to cater for more immigration from the EU.  Would Americans be happy about this sort of intolerable situation? I doubt it very much.

I wonder if the US would be happy to see their justice system over ruled by a supreme court run from say Mexico or Canada. I doubt that very much too. We need to remind America that Britain is the world’s sixth largest economy. Britain is also a member of the G8 and G20 groups of wealthy nations, the International Monetary fund, World Bank, World Trade Organisation, the Commonwealth, and NATO as well as being a nuclear power and one of five permanent members of the UN Security Council. These global advantages are threatened by conflicting demands of being a member of the EU.

It is outrageous that an American civil servant should offer the British Prime Minister advice about remaining in the EU, let alone wishing to deny the British people their right to Freedom of Action, Freedom of Resources and Freedom of the people.  Philip Gordon, the US Secretary of State’s Europe assistant offered advice that it would be best if Britain remained in the EU. Thank you for your advice, but no thanks; we will not give up our freedom to serve American  convenience.George Washington

First President of the United States George Washington said:  “My ardent desire is, and my aim has been, to comply strictly with all our engagements, foreign and domestic; but to keep the United States free from political connections with every other country, to see them independent of  all and under the influence of none.”

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  1. As they put it : “LOL” ! Now that your American masters have tapped you on the nose for behaving silly, now that the City and the Big Business lobby are also warning you not to leave the EU, what are you gonna do ?

    Please, be my guest ! Leave the EU ! Destroy your evil influence on the rest of Europe ! Destroy what’s left of your “special relationship” ! Destroy the might of the City ! Let the rest of Europe become more federal by stopping your intererence !

    This is one hell of a enjoyable situation : either you leave the EU and destroy yourself what’s left of your own power, or you stay and you’ll have to swallow more and more all those things that you hate : laws, regulations, even the euro one day !

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